Timely, fact-based insight on the features, drivers and outcomes that matter.

Deal ScoreCard

Quarterly insight on consideration, evaluation and competitive win/loss in your market.

Go-to-Market Decisions

Start with confident answers to “How often are we involved in deals?”, “How often do I win?” and why do we win or lose? >

Quantify Market Change

All vendors know the top market issues. Leaders understand what is changing and what matters early and late to buyers. >

Win / Loss

Losses are painful and costly. Deal ScoreCard shows why customers made those decisions. >

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Market Landscape

Comprehensive reports that measure the current state of niche technology adoption, spending intentions and workload impacts on storage, compute, and cloud infrastructure delivered twice yearly.

Plan Sales & Marketing Investment

Quantify the technology adoption, spend, and evaluation plans in your market. >

Measure Product / Market Maturity

Are the buyers in the market today more likely to be buying replacements, adding in secondary suppliers or is this market characterized by first time buyers? >

Understand Workloads

See which business workloads are driving investment today and over the next 24 months. >

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Data to make your whole organization more effective

Sales Enablement

The Competitor Fact Sheet provides sales professionals an overview of a key competitor’s strengths, weaknesses and competitive tactics from the buyer perspective.

Competitive Intelligence

Purchase Profile Reports give individual deal forensics on win/loss, sales tactics employed and what drove the final decision.

Custom Research

Gain key market insights, create white papers, design market tests against the world’s largest global audience of B2B IT and technology buyers.


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