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With the market saturated with cloud computing platforms and services, it was inevitable that another crop of vendors would emerge to help enterprises make sense of it all.

I’m talking about the cloud management providers clamoring for market attention.

Perhaps these cloud computing management players will get the attention of CIOs with their niche approaches:

Univa UD Inc. has a service that handles configuration management of Oracle’s E-Business Suite in a cloud environment.

Tap In Systems Inc. monitors applications in Amazon’s cloud.

Cloud Sherpas helps enterprises create and manage their Google cloud environments.

Then there are companies like RightScale Inc. and Zeus Technology Ltd., which want to help enterprises manage and provision the entire cloud environment.

In the meantime, large systems management vendors (CA, IBM, HP, BMC) are also making moves to fold the cloud into their all-encompassing infrastructure management play.

CA last month bought cloud player 3tera, and before that Cassat and NetQoS. Also last month, IBM acquired network automation software vendor Intellident, which has a cloud-based tool that monitors network device configurations.

And this doesn’t include all the acquisitions and new product developments under way at the big vendors to build their own cloud computing platforms and services.

There’s the IBM Cloud and HP Cloud Assure. And these vendors’ services already include cloud computing management such as BMC’s Business Service Management platform and CA’s public- and private-cloud resource management services.

I can see why CIOs might be interested in some of the cloud management tools. The cloud entails a new IT governance strategy down to capacity management and even figuring out what applications are on all those VMs out there. And for that matter, where those VMs are exactly.

But it will be interesting to see which of these niche players and startups will become part of the big management machine at an IBM or BMC. And whether enterprises that are deciding to outsource their infrastructure or applications to a cloud provider would go with a startup or stick with the vendors they know to help manage it.

Which route will you take? Let me know at [email protected].

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