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IT project management is not what it used to be. Digital initiatives and innovation strategies reign supreme, with companies seeking newer and more adaptive methodologies to fulfill their project pipelines. We are starting to see traditional approaches like the hierarchical waterfall method take a back seat to burgeoning Agile and DevOps techniques. The CIO stands at the crossroads of long-standing traditions and modern trends and must determine the right direction for his project management team.

As IT teams know, this is not an easy task and raises an array of tough questions: To what extent should Agile development replace the waterfall method? Can DevOps be reconciled with conventional project management? What will the project management framework of the future look like?

In this CIO Essential Guide, learn techniques for balancing new and traditional project management practices that encourage business efficiency and growth, explore Agile approaches that are set to transform business processes, and see how modern IT organizations are taking advantage of the latest technologies to master project management and push forward Digital business.

This Essential Guide on project management basics is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1Best practices for making the move to DevOps

Integrating DevOps into your organization's IT structure is proving critical to ensuring continued project management success. But DevOps, which promotes a team-based approach to delivering software and services, marks a significant departure from traditional methods. In this section, get expert advice on how best to incorporate a DevOps culture into your IT team.

2Making the shift to Agile project management

When it comes to IT project management, thinking Agile is no longer just an option -- it's a core requirement. Agile approaches introduce a faster and more adaptive management process, breaking down once-monolithic projects into quick-hitting sprints. Are you suitably utilizing Agile in your IT team? This section explores the multiple facets and benefits of Agile project management, and provides tips on how to incorporate it into your digital strategy.

3Project management lessons from the pros

What lessons have your fellow IT professionals learned while managing their IT projects? In this section, we present case studies profiling project management success stories and explore experiences with modern project management and Agile transformation.

4IT project management essentials

Are you keeping your project management pipeline in check? Take our quiz to assess your knowledge of IT project management basics.