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Free project management template examples for strategic IT planning

These free project management template examples from around the Web provide project guidelines and strategic IT planning tools to CIOs and IT leaders.

IT project success -- or failure -- is highly dependent on CIOs and their ability to guide project processes from start to finish. In order to keep projects running smoothly, CIOs should have some detailed, yet concise, project management template examples in their arsenal, flowing from initiation through planning, execution, closing and maintenance.

Here is an array of SearchCIO's most popular free project management template examples, culled from the best of the Web, intended to ease your initiatives through the varying stages of project management and lead you to strategic IT planning success.

Organize ideas with PICK chart template examples

A PICK chart (Possible, Implement, Challenge and Kill) is a visual tool used after brainstorming sessions to rank project ideas by the level of difficulty and payoff. Typically represented by four quadrants, a PICK chart helps CIOs and IT project managers choose the best investments for their time and money.

Craft a winning elevator pitch

Have a project you're really passionate about and truly believe could benefit the business? Mastering the art of the elevator pitch could be the difference between getting a "maybe" and hearing a resounding "yes" from executives. Here are a few good examples.

Execute projects with proof-of-concept templates

Before an enterprise signs off on an idea or project, IT must reassure top-level executives that it's worth the time, money and additional resources. Prepare for a proof-of-concept presentation with these vision scopes, grant schemes and testing reports.

Make the most of project scope statements

The project scope statement templates provided in this offering outline specific project goals, deliverables, tasks, costs and deadlines throughout a project's lifetime. Sourced from a wide variety of industries, use these project scope examples to keep employees accountable and on track, from planning stages through the completion of a project.

Technology roadmap templates for the CIO

Creating an information technology roadmap for the enterprise is tricky business in this day and age. Cloud computing offerings and the heavy influence of consumer tech trends have CIOs considering a range of new technology possibilities. These free templates will help IT leaders develop and update their technology roadmaps.

Templates for tactical IT strategic planning

Much like an IT roadmap, an IT strategic planning template helps CIOs plan for the years ahead and establish competitive advantage through the tactical use of their technology resources. The free templates in this tip come from higher-ed institutions and well-known research groups.

Get organized with project management templates

More project management tips

Test your project management knowledge

New Year project ambitions

Want several free templates, checklists and software examples for developing a business case for new project ventures? Of course you do. Each offering in this project management template roundup aims to keep CIOs organized and IT on budget, from the early planning stages through project completion.

Cost-benefit analysis: Weigh projects' pros and cons

Whether a project is in the planning stages or close to the finish line, it's important for IT to monitor its costs and the associated benefits closely. Each of the free cost-benefit analysis templates offered in this roundup help project managers tally project costs and measure key performance metrics, such as ROI, internal rate of return and payback periods.

Request for proposal template examples

A request for proposal (RFP) is a tool used to clearly delineate the deliverables required for a new project or product venture. Using an RFP, CIOs and project managers can inform their suppliers that the organization is planning to acquire new services or products and create a structured evaluation and selection process.

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