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Transform Sales to Transform Your Business

Salesforce has been a pioneer in empowering organizations to modernize sales and customer relationships through digital collaboration, mobility, social networking, real-time insights and accelerated sales cycles, among other benefits. 

However, even with all the advantages provided by Salesforce, customers can still see dramatic improvements in a number of critical processes by modernizing contracts and transitioning to electronic signatures as a key step in their digital transformation strategies.

With the right e-signature solution in Salesforce, your sales teams can:

  • Close deals much faster
  • Improve close rates
  • Automate post-sales processes
  • Create an audit trail of signatures
  • Collaborate more efficiently
  • Enhance the user experience
  • Empower mobile users and customers
  • Achieve demonstrable gains in productivity and profitability

Simple, yet transformational
Transitioning to e-signatures in the sales organization is an extremely simple process, if you choose the right solution. Because it is so simple, decision-makers may not realize just how transformative this step can be for their sales teams. Aberdeen Group conducted a study1 on the impact of e-signatures on sales—and the results were dramatic: 

  • 94% of e-signature users reported the ability to identify the most profitable buyer profiles, customers or accounts.
  • 84% of e-signature users said they can provide continual training and ongoing education for sales reps, managers and executives as part of their regular efforts.
  • Users of e-signatures achieved a 4.4% year-over-year increase in opportunity win rates; nonusers stagnated at zero improvement.
  • Users of e-signatures averaged a 29% higher current opportunity win rate compared with nonusers.
  • Companies using e-signatures grew revenue at 2.3 times the rate of nonusers.

As Aberdeen noted, while e-signatures may seem like a simple logistical upgrade in signing, “the impact is far more transformative” because:

  • The right e-signature solution will also deliver analytics capabilities.
  • The right solution will integrate with Salesforce to deliver seamless experiences for both sellers and buyers.
  • When completing a deal using Salesforce and e-signatures, the sales organization will have up-to-the-second insight on how long it took to close, along with everything that happened in between.

Choosing the right solution
In looking for the right solution, you’ll want to make sure it integrates seamlessly into the Salesforce applications your teams use every day, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Salesforce CPQ and more. You’ll also want to leverage an e-signature solution that can be used across your entire sales lifecycle, from prospecting and qualifying to closing, maintaining and renewing.

When it comes to empowering your Salesforce environment with e-signature capabilities, Adobe Sign offers unique advantages. As a trusted leader and innovator in secure digital document technology, Adobe delivers industry-leading security controls, standards-based signing and enterprise-grade quality and reliability. Adobe Sign is integrated as part of an overall end-to-end document management system called Adobe Document Cloud.

When using Adobe Sign with Salesforce, you can automatically populate data from Salesforce into documents you send for signature and then seamlessly push data captured from those documents back into Salesforce without rekeying information. Once a transaction is complete, you can trigger status updates by email or within Salesforce Chatter. 

Adobe Sign also enables you to automatically initiate downstream activities, such as invoicing, order fulfillment and customer onboarding. You can use Adobe Sign to add e-signing capabilities to Community Cloud portals, as well as track and manage Salesforce contracts directly in your Gmail and Microsoft Outlook applications.

Adobe Sign and Salesforce

Learn how integrating Adobe Sign with Salesforce will enable you to speed up the sales cycles and reduce frustrating delays in the contract approval process.

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Taking the next step
By embracing Salesforce as your cloud CRM platform, your organization has already taken the most important step forward in transforming how it manages sales and the customer experience. But if you’re not using e-signatures as a key component of your Salesforce environment, you’re not yet maximizing the full benefits of digital transformation.

Adobe Sign provides a fast, easy and secure path to further modernizing Salesforce through automation, sales cycle acceleration and the elimination of costly, risky and inefficient paper workflows. Are you ready to take the next step? Start here.

1E-signature and Sales Operations: A Catalyst for Better Sales Performance,” Aberdeen Group, October 2017

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