Nuxeo Content Services Platform updates bring flexibility

Nuxeo updated its content services platform to expand its reach and flexibility with other services. The Nuxeo platform now includes support for Sitecore, Aspera and more.

Cloud enterprise content management vendor Nuxeo introduced new features to its Content Services Platform and upgraded its AI framework to improve the platform's flexibility and compatibility with other systems.

The Nuxeo Content Services Platform is a cloud-based platform that supports low-code, scalable and modular application development. It's deployable in the cloud, on premises or in hybrid environments.

Additions to the Nuxeo Content Services Platform include the following:

  • The Nuxeo Sitecore Connector enables users to access the Nuxeo repository from within the Sitecore web content management environment, browse content and copy content from Nuxeo into Sitecore.
  • The Aspera Connector enables enterprises to fulfill Aspera file transfer tasks from within the Nuxeo UI, upload files in bulk to Nuxeo, share a transfer with others, modify metadata individually or in bulk, monitor and manage transfers, and download assets from the repository.
  • A new Adobe Creative Cloud Connector includes full-text search, filtered search, an improved browsing experience and improved upload capabilities.

Nuxeo Insight Cloud is the vendor's AI offering that provides enterprises with user-friendly machine learning models that don't require any technical expertise. Customers can use and train the models with their own data sets, improving intelligence for company-specific, content-driven processes.

With this update, the AI enrichment framework supports configuration and result drawing from any public AI services. The framework will enable users to configure services to return results from third-party AI services, normalize them and fill metadata fields or schemas at any scale.

Nuxeo Insight Cloud currently includes connectors to Amazon Textract, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Translate, Amazon Rekognition Image, Amazon Rekognition Video, Google Vision and Sightengine. The vendor plans to introduce support for more third-party AI services, such as Google Doc Understanding, in the future.

Digital asset management (DAM), such as taking advantage of workflow and project management tools, is essential in helping marketing leaders meet content development demands transparently and efficiently, according to Gartner's 2019 Market Guide for Digital Asset Management.

Gartner found 79% of organizations have deployed or are in the process of deploying a DAM service. Nuxeo's top competitors in enterprise content management and DAM include Ebyline, SpringCM, and Ennov. Giants such as Alfresco and Microsoft also offer content services platforms for enterprises.

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