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What are some important enterprise remote backup factors?

ROBO data backup can be a challenge. The answers to the following three questions will help your organization best back up its remote office/branch office data.

There isn't a universally preferred method for remote office backup. But there are three questions you must answer to determine which enterprise remote backup approach is the best fit for your organization.

Are there IT staff members or competent backup operators working in or near the remote office? If no one is available on-site to handle enterprise remote backup-related tasks, the backup process should be automated to the greatest extent possible. This means choosing a backup offering that does not require anyone in the office to manually switch tapes prior to a backup operation.

What are the available bandwidth and volume of data to be protected? Keep in mind that branch-office bandwidth is not always the limiting factor -- the main office's available bandwidth could determine the best course of action. Suppose for a moment that a particular organization's branch office has plenty of available bandwidth, but the main office is suffering from a bandwidth bottleneck. In this type of situation, it may be better to use the cloud for the enterprise remote backup rather than trying to back the data up to a media server located in the corporate office.

Where is the data located? There are a number of organizations that keep minimal resources in remote offices. These offices might have a DNS server and a DHCP server, and possibly a read-only domain controller, but that's about it. Some organizations may even go so far as to replicate file servers or application servers to the remote office, but avoid storing any unique data there to eliminate the need for running an enterprise remote backup.

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