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August 2019, Vol. 17, No. 11

Protect backups from ransomware and other security risks

The increase in cyberattacks over the last couple of years is staggering. With this rise in attack frequency and the overall cost of prevention and remediation so high, it's reasonable to assume a cyberattack is a much more probable cause of taking down your organization than any natural disaster. It's therefore imperative to secure your data and protect backups from ransomware and other security risks. Most enterprises focus on putting protection and detection products in place. But even prominent security vendors will tell you they don't stop everything, so you should assume a percentage of attacks will be successful. It's why we still see cyberattacks in the news every single week. It's important to look at the tactics used by cybercriminals to determine what you can do to stop or respond to attacks in the fastest and most cost-effective manner. We need to add one more role to the list of concerned IT and security pros: the backup administrator. If that's you, you may be asking, "Why?" Perhaps the better question is, "What do...

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