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SearchDataManagement is a knowledge guide for data management professionals and business intelligence leaders. With our offering of news articles, learning guides, expert advice, and customized research, we offer a rich collection of insight, tips and advice on how you can efficiently manage your data supply chain.

With the ever-growing volume of internal and external data flooding into businesses, educated data management strategies are essential.

Our site helps DBAs, developers, programmers, and data scientists to process relevant data efficiently, integrate traditional warehouses with modern tools like Hadoop and Spark, select a compliant governance strategy, ensure data quality/trustworthiness, and better streamline techniques and practices to enable informed, knowledgeable business decisions.

Topics covered include: big data, warehousing, data integration, database management systems (DBMS), database comparisons (columnar vs. relational vs. NoSQL), database performance and tuning, data virtualizations, master data management (MDM), cloud computing and SaaS, content management, enterprise application integration, and SOA data services.

When you browse SearchDataManagement, you will find:

  • Industry-specific news stories, trusted definitions, and coverage from our award-winning independent editorial team.
  • Personalized advice from accomplished authorities in the field
  • Comprehensive white papers that address the most relevant data management trends, issues, and solutions.
  • Incomparable information about how to apply best practices and optimize your overall operations, cut-costs, and make decisions in real-time thus improving bottom line results.

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