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Can you recover from ransomware? Take our quiz and find out

Ransomware recovery is a complex, often expensive process. Are you prepared in the event of an attack? It may be time to ask yourself the difficult (or perhaps easy) questions.

Ransomware is easily the most pressing issue facing modern disaster recovery efforts, and it's only becoming more urgent. To recover from ransomware, an organization needs to have backups and other recovery tools in place prior to an attack.

Treating ransomware like an inevitability rather than a hypothetical seems like the best strategy these days; thinking of it as something that could happen to you, not just something that happens to others. But what can be done following a ransomware attack? There are a few options.

Whether you're looking at your existing data protection strategy or shopping for ransomware-ready products, there are a lot of elements to consider. What product options are out there? Whose responsibility is it? Should we just pay the bad guy and get it over with?

Take our quiz, and find out if you know all there is to know about how to recover from ransomware.

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