CDO TechVent on Data Catalogs - Register Now for December 15th Virtual Event

Eckerson Group, an influential research and consulting firm, will host a half-day virtual event on  December 15 that helps data and business leaders evaluate and implement data catalogs. The event is designed to give leaders the information they need to make informed buying and implementation decisions about emerging data and analytics technologies. To register, go to https://techvent/

Keynote. The half-day event will feature a keynote from Sanjeev Mohan, former research VP of data & analytics at Gartner and now a senior consultant at Eckerson Group. Mohan will outline technology trends and advances shaping the data catalog market. He will also close the event by detailing criteria that companies should use to evaluate data catalog products.

Panelists. The event will then feature a panel of leading data catalog providers, including Data.World, Alation, Quest (via Sandhill Consultants), and BigID who will discuss “How to Evaluate and Select a Data Catalog”. Next, a panel of top data leaders will discuss “Tips for Implementing a Data Catalog”. Panelists include Shiva Rajagopalan, Senior Director of IT Data Architecture at GE Healthcare and Srinivasan Sankar, Enterprise Data & Analytics Leader at The Hanover Insurance Group

Virtual Bakeoff. The event also features a virtual bakeoff in which attendees view and evaluate pre-recorded scripted demos from data catalog vendors. “The 15-minute side-by-side demos are a great way for data leaders to quickly compare products and create a short-list for further evaluation,” says Wayne Eckerson, president of Eckerson Group.

Eckerson Group plans to periodically host CDO TechVent events on emerging data technologies. Near-term topics include data governance platforms, data observability, and data sharing platforms. Stay tuned for more details. 

To register, click here.

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