VBScript is an interpreted script language from Microsoft that is a subset of its Visual Basic programming language designed for interpretation by Web browsers. VBScript can be compared to other script languages that can be used on the Web, including:

  • Netscape's JavaScript
  • Sun Microsystem's Tcl
  • The UNIX-derived Perl
  • IBM's REXX

In general, script languages are easier and faster to code in than the more structured, compiled languages such as C and C++ and are ideal for smaller programs of limited capability or that can reuse and tie together existing compiled programs.

VBScript is Microsoft's answer to Netscape's popular JavaScript. Both are designed to work with an interpreter that comes with a Web browser - that is, at the user or client end of the Web client/server session. VBScript is designed for use with Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser together with other programming that can be run at the client, including ActiveX controls, automation servers, and Java applets. Although Microsoft does support Netscape's JavaScript (it converts it into its own JScript), Netscape does not support VBScript. For this reason, VBScript is best used for intranet Web sites that use the Internet Explorer browser only.

This was last updated in September 2005

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