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Good times: AI in healthcare brings promise, hype and challenges

I browsed through two vastly different reports on artificial intelligence (AI) this week, leading me to again wonder if there is substance on the matter or just a lot of hot air blowing around.

My publisher posted an Adweek story on her LinkedIn page which reported that marketing teams have decried AI as overhyped. In the marketers’ opinions — culled from a study by digital marketing services company Resulticks — martech vendors, journalists and analysts all stand guilty of flinging the alleged AI baloney.

However, just two days later, I read a new study funded by Uncle Sam that predicted significant potential for AI in healthcare, albeit coming with associated challenges.

The report was researched and written by the somewhat clandestine advisory group JASON, an independent collection of scientists that advises the federal government under a contract.

Interoperability could hurt AI in healthcare

The JASON report is a long read, but generally concludes that for AI in healthcare, there is a treasure trove of patient data waiting to be analyzed, but privacy requirements, costs of collecting that data and a lack of EHR interoperability hinder artificial intelligence’s progress.

The report acknowledged AI’s hype, however, and suggested that the technology has to go beyond its fans in computer science and instead work its way into the lives of clinicians and consumers.

I see AI in healthcare finding its footing with the value-based care movement, which is largely based on patient outcomes with a strong dose of data thrown in. AI will be handy in predicting negative outcomes, which may allow clinicians to change course, avoid future health problems for patients and in turn boost reimbursements.

FYI, you can read the Adweek story here.

Where do you stand with the hype and reality of AI?

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