PediNotes launches with neonatal data entry software

PediNotes, launched by a neonatologist who conceived the idea in the 1990s, is software that integrates with a hospital's EMR system to make data entry more efficient.

A neonatologist has launched PediNotes, new software designed to improve the care for infants in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Steven Spedale, M.D., FAAP, wanted to create a tool that would provide ongoing data for NICU patients. PediNotes aims to enable clinicians to efficiently enter patient data, so they can focus on clinical care instead of data entry.

PediNotes, managed by parent company Tecurologic LLC, focuses on the end users through collecting and sharing data. According to Spedale, he had the idea for PediNotes in the late 1990s, when he realized he was spending less time speaking to patients and more time in front of a computer.

PediNotes' features include the following:

  • multiscreen views
  • visual keys
  • real-time notifications and alerts
  • data sharing
  • configuration tools
  • billing integration
  • pediatric subspecialty functions

It also includes the capability to electronically export Vermont Oxford patient information from PediNotes to Vermont Oxford Network databases.

Additionally, PediNotes features PediAnalytics, which provides real-time analytics, data warehousing, Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports, prepackaged reports and custom reporting to users. PediAnalytics enables clinicians to retrieve data and export it to a comma-separated value format.  

PediNotes is also available as PediNotes Mobile, which gives clinicians access to important clinical functions through a mobile device. Users can review laboratory results and acknowledge them, review and sign verbal orders, review and cosign notes, assign patients, take clinical photography or videography and review documents.

Additionally, PediNotes designed the software to integrate with hospitals' base electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Currently, it is integrated with Meditech, and an integration with Epic and Allscripts is in the works. According to PediNotes, the software uses interoperability that streamlines data entry to reduce data transcription and entry errors, in addition to eliminating unnecessary data entry.

There is two-way communication between a hospital's EMR system and PediNotes, which enables users to carry out computerized physician order entries, as well as send and receive clinical data within PediNotes.

Currently, it is being used at Woman's Hospital and Ochsner Medical Center, both in Baton Rouge, La. In January 2020, Baton Rouge General-Bluebonnet will adopt the technology. It is available now throughout the United States and Canada.

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