HR mobile apps for employees strengthen HCM strategies

Last updated:November 2019

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New hires and paperwork typically go hand-in-hand on day one. Employees are asked to read and sign --  Form W-4s, insurance documents, nondisclosure agreements and so on. Writer's cramp eventually sets in, and most of the first workday is lost.

Human capital management (HCM) has experienced several incarnations since HR assumed greater corporate and workforce responsibilities beyond its origins as a one-dimensional personnel department that counted employees and cut checks. Yet paperwork and orientation only increased in time and complexity.

But all that is changing as HR mobile apps for employees allow new hires to read and sign most or all the necessary documents on their phones before their first day on the job. In addition, mobile apps can keep employees engaged throughout the day with tailored messages and experiences and play a key role in recruitment, retention, talent management and productivity.

This guide examines HR's efforts to improve the employee experience through HCM's increased use of mobile apps, AI and people analytics that ease and speed onboarding as well as advance employee engagements companywide.

1Mobile HR management strategies boost recruiting and retention

With the aid of HR mobile apps for employees as well as AI and analytics, HCM has become a multidimensional force in hiring, training, retaining, and engaging workers, which ultimately yields improved workforce productivity.

2New hires hit the road running with mobile onboarding

HR no longer needs to take the entire first day and more for employee orientation, indoctrination and document signings. Thanks to mobile onboarding applications, new hires can review and sign much of the time-consuming paperwork remotely before day one.

3Successful employee experience strategies come in many forms

Recruiting and retention are key to survival in an economy that increases competition for top employees. A strong and well-thought-out employee experience strategy must include a wide array of HR mobile apps for employees that keep workers engaged.

4Words matter: HR's essential and evolving lexicon

As new HR technologies are introduced to handle the increasing complexities of HCM, it's important to understand the terms that coincide with digital transformation.

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