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February 2018, Vol. 9, No. 1

New 5G wireless technology trials spark enterprise interest

The fifth generation of wireless technology is moving steadily toward the enterprise, as the telecom industry expects the 5G rollout to have a massive economic impact on how business is conducted across the globe. As network operators increase their 5G testing in 2018, and standards organizations continue to hammer out 5G specifications, business customers are getting interested in what's in 5G for them. Although 5G wireless technology is still in development, network analysts and forward-thinking businesses are banking on the promise of faster wireless network speeds and greater capacity. Telecommunications carriers will continue testing their 5G wireless products and 5G fixed broadband services throughout 2018 and hope to begin commercial deployments in 2019, with 5G-enabled smartphones and devices available by 2021. Overall, widespread use of commercial mobile 5G services probably won't arrive until 2025. Even though it's early in the development process, enterprises can expect 5G to improve productivity and business ...

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