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February 2018, Vol. 9, No. 1

The sky's the limit with 5G wireless communication

We all know of institutions that are too big to fail. What about communication services in which failure is simply not an option? According to many analysts and industry experts, the answer lies in 5G wireless communication. Imagine smart roads that can alert municipalities when it's time to plow snow or repair potholes. Or consider an electric grid knowing about a catastrophic power failure before it happens and fixing the problem in real time. Better yet, think about a person in need of life-saving surgery miles from the closest surgeon, who nevertheless receives the procedure through the use of telemedicine, where the surgeon uses computing power and robotics to control the operation. In each case, a failure in communication might be disastrous. But with next-generation 5G wireless communication getting closer, faster broadband wireless speeds and increased capacity will deliver information better than it can with today's 4G networks. Therein lies the greatest excitement about 5G; entirely new business applications will be ...

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