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Aryaka enhances SD-WAN with Radware DDoS protection

Aryaka adds Radware DDoS security to its global private network to provide another layer of security. Also, Virgin Media Business intends to launch managed SD-WAN with software from Versa Networks.

Aryaka Networks Inc. is bolstering its software-defined WAN service with the addition of distributed denial of service, or DDoS, protection software from Radware.

With this new partnership, Aryaka said users will gain another layer of data security and threat mitigation with Radware DDoS protection. For example, Radware offers its Attack Mitigation service, which protects against DDoS attacks with "always-on detection and mitigation," according to a statement made by Aryaka.

In the statement explaining the need for Radware DDoS, Gary Sevounts, Aryaka's chief marketing officer, said, "Today's ever-changing threat landscape necessitates a layered, defense-in-depth approach to security that scales to global enterprise networks and combines advanced threat detection, mitigation and perimeter protection."

Aryaka's private network offers customers a foundational layer of security since traffic isn't exposed to the public internet, thereby, avoiding potential outsider threats. Aryaka then offers end-to-end encryption for another layer of protection.

Aryaka's integration of Radware DDoS is the second move the provider has made in the last few months to beef up security. Aryaka also uses Zscaler's cloud-based security software to protect user traffic.

Virgin Media Business teams up with Versa Networks

Virgin Media Business Ltd. -- an internet service provider based in the United Kingdom -- announced last week it will use Versa Networks' Cloud IP Platform to support its managed software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) service.

"Versa Networks' Cloud IP Platform will provide better application connectivity with secure enterprise WAN access and an overall enhanced application experience for Virgin Media Business customers to software-as-a-service-based offerings," a company statement said.

Virgin Media Business said its managed SD-WAN service will provide customers with a more agile and flexible network environment, while enabling users to connect more efficiently to the cloud and software-as-a-service applications.

In addition to Virgin Media Business, Versa underpins managed SD-WAN services offered by CenturyLink, Comcast Business and Verizon.

Cogeco Peer 1 uses SD-WAN technology from Nokia's Nuage Networks

Cogeco Peer 1, a service provider based in Toronto, launched an SD-WAN service using technology from Nokia's Nuage Networks. The service is available in the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

The company said its SD-WAN service is targeted to enterprises with distributed branch offices using cloud-based applications. The service also includes a self-service portal so customers can view and manage the network. Cogeco Peer 1 said its SD-WAN services are available to its partners and their customers, as well.

Nuage Networks offers SD-WAN through its Virtualized Network Services product. Nuage Networks takes an overlay network approach that can work with existing IP networks. The service includes the network controller, a centralized policy engine -- the virtualized services directory -- and network gateways that can run on x86 hardware.

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