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Aryaka adds new security layers to global private network

Through security partnerships, Aryaka's Passport platform offers six security layers to provide additional protection in case one layer becomes vulnerable.

Aryaka has introduced Passport, a new platform that offers six security layers to users of its global private network. Passport is based on software from Aryaka and its security partners -- Palo Alto Networks, Radware and Zscaler.

Each security layer, which ranges from distributed denial-of-service protection to network edge and cloud security options, offers specific features, according to Gary Sevounts, chief marketing officer at Aryaka, based in San Mateo, Calif. Additional layers include a virtual firewall for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure instances and built-in compartmentalization and contained environment controls. Finally, an early warning portal identifies behavior anomalies and potential risks.

By offering multiple security layers from different security vendors, Sevounts said Aryaka's customers can receive extra protection in case there is a problem with one of the layers.

"If you have all your layers from a single provider and something happens to the core technology, then all the layers are ineffective, and the company is susceptible to attacks," he said.

Aryaka's approach reduces the damage a customer faces in the event of a security issue, Sevounts said. If one layer becomes vulnerable or is breached, for example, there are other layers to protect the enterprise. Aryaka plans to add additional security services from other companies. Other SD-WAN vendors, such as VeloCloud and Viptela, offer similar packages of security services based on software from multiple vendors.

Passport is available now and is already in production with customers, Sevounts said. Companies can pick and choose which security layers they need, based on individual requirements.

Aryaka currently has more than 800 customers, most of which are large enterprises. According to a recent IHS Markit survey on data center network equipment, Aryaka had 17% of the SD-WAN market in the fourth quarter of 2017, with $24.4 million in revenue. Aryaka took second place behind VeloCloud -- now owned by VMware -- which has 19% of the market.

SD-WAN market welcomes Netsurion

Meantime, Netsurion, a security and compliance service provider based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is the latest company to launch an SD-WAN service, called Netsurion Connect.

Netsurion Connect, available now, can integrate with features from Netsurion's existing product portfolio to enable enterprises to blend security and compliance with its network connectivity, according to a company statement. Netsurion SD-WAN includes edge appliances that reside at each customer location, and customers manage configurations and policies through Netsurion's Connect Orchestrator, the statement said.

Netsurion SD-WAN targets distributed enterprises, like retailers, pharmacies and financial services firms. Netsurion Connect is already being used by a variety of customers, including retail management provider FTS Solutions and Volta Charging, a company that offers free electric car charging.

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