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Nyansa extends network performance monitor software

In Cisco Live news, Nyansa upgrades its network performance monitor software to track WAN and Wi-Fi connection problems. Also, A10 adds Kubernetes support.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Nyansa has introduced two applications that extend the company's network performance monitoring platform to the WAN and devices connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

The new products, called Voyance WAN and Voyance Client Agent, collect data and send it to the Voyance platform for measuring and analyzing network performance in data centers and wireless networks. Like other network performance monitors (NPM), Voyance checks for network problems and provides intelligence to help determine their causes.

Nyansa launched the products this week at the Cisco Live conference. The WAN application monitors traffic headed outside the corporate network to ensure employees are not spending a lot of time on nonessential online applications, such as YouTube or Facebook.

Because companies lease a finite amount of bandwidth from carriers, traffic to consumer sites can affect the performance of links to cloud-based collaboration and meeting applications or critical business software, such as Oracle, Salesforce or Workday.

Combing through data to find anomalies

Voyance WAN collects traffic data from routers through the NetFlow and cFlow protocols embedded in the devices. Nyansa plans to add support for the jFlow and sFlow protocols, but has not said when it will do so.

The Voyance platform analyzes the utilization of WAN links and correlates it with the performance of applications and network services. As a result, the platform can identify degradation in WAN performance. The software can also identify the problem site or WAN interface and provide the percentage of bandwidth usage at peak times.

The Voyance Client Agent is installed on corporate mobile devices accessing the company's Wi-Fi. Data collected from the devices is fed into Voyance for analysis and correlation with other network metrics. The agent supports Apple macOS and iOS. Eventually, Nyansa plans to add support for Windows and Android.

In general, the Voyance NPM is based on a combination of deep packet inspections and cloud-based analytics. The network performance monitor software tracks all transactions and sends the data to AWS servers for analysis. The resulting intelligence is then transmitted to the user's location, which network engineers can review through an easy-to-understand graphical user display.

Last November, the company added a remediation engine that spotlights problems with infrastructure devices and recommends configuration changes to correct it. The network performance monitor software also calculates the benefits of the corrective action.

In other news from Cisco Live, A10 Networks, an application delivery controller vendor, said it has added ingress filtering for Kubernetes containers. Enterprises and internet service providers use ingress filtering technology to block suspicious traffic from entering a network. The application examines all inbound packets and then permits or denies entry based on information in the packet header.

Finally, NetBrain Technologies announced the general availability of version 7.1. The latest iteration of the software provides integration with Cisco's software-based networking technology for the data center, called Application Centric Infrastructure.

NetBrain software helps engineers manage network documentation and understand network design. Its products also assist in documenting and sharing network knowledge.

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