Marconi Mainnet launched for building, scaling complex networks

The Marconi Mainnet platform provides blockchain security, multi-cloud connectivity, advanced firewalls and secure gateways for decentralized networks.

Marconi launched Mainnet, a multi-cloud application platform for building and scaling complex networks, to address various problems associated with managing centralized platforms.

According to Marconi, a creator of networking and blockchain protocol, Mainnet brings blockchain network security, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud connectivity, advanced firewalls, deep packet inspection and secure gateways to preserve anonymity.

Marconi's Mainnet intends to be an alternative to current networking management applications that typically require expensive, inflexible hardware and deep networking expertise.

The Marconi Mainnet release includes the following major components:

  • Marconi Pipe, a secure communication channel for transporting network traffic between peers, established down to Layer 2 of the OSI model;
  • programmable packets, which unlock use cases for smart decentralized networking applications; and
  • global chain, which facilitates the creation of new networks and management of nodes on that network.

Marconi Mainnet also protects networks with built-in security; low-level mutating encryption schemes secure connections between every network node.

This blockchain release builds on the Marconi Protocol roadmap, which argues that today's centralized, Ethernet-powered network infrastructure lacks privacy and security, is difficult to manage and depends on a small number of entities for internet access. The Marconi Protocol aims to enhance and even replace existing network infrastructure to realize the benefits of decentralization.

Marconi plans to release more developments in decentralization and blockchain security throughout the next two years, including subnet staking, extensions to Marconi Pipe and a decentralized metering protocol.

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