11 practice questions for Cisco DEVCOR 350-901 exam

Think you know network automation? Take this practice exam from Chapter 10 of 'Cisco Certified DevNet Professional DEVCOR 350-901 Official Cert Guide' to test your expertise.

Networking is increasingly intersecting with security, software development, automation and cloud initiatives. With this change, many network practitioners recognize the importance of bolstering their knowledge in areas outside their traditional expertise.

The Cisco DevNet certification track offers a compelling way for network practitioners to familiarize themselves with concepts like continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), cloud applications, programmability and APIs -- and learn how to apply that knowledge to regular network administrator tasks. As with Cisco's other certifications, the DevNet track offers different levels based on years of experience and topic expertise. The four tracks include DevNet Associate, DevNet Specialist, DevNet Professional and DevNet Expert.

Network practitioners preparing for the DevNet Professional DEVCOR exam have multiple resources at their disposal, including the recently published Cisco Certified DevNet Professional DEVCOR 350-901 Official Cert Guide, written by Jason Davis, Hazim Dahir, Stuart Clark and Quinn Snyder and published by Cisco Press.

The DevNet Professional certification splits its focus into the following areas:

  • software development and design
  • understanding and using APIs
  • Cisco platforms and development
  • application deployment and security
  • infrastructure and automation
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this book.

In their book, the authors use a similar breakdown to guide readers through the various technologies and concepts that pertain to the DEVCOR exam. Exam candidates can use the guide to identify topics they need to prioritize for studying and reinforce existing knowledge. The guide also includes various resources readers can use to round out their learning experiences, such as quizzes to assess how much they already know.

Below is the "Do I Know This Already?" quiz from Chapter 10, "Automation." These 11 questions cover topics like site reliability engineering (SRE), Agile software development, idempotency and concurrency. See how well you do on the quiz, and explore advice from the authors.

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