8 practice network hardware questions for CCST exam

Prepare for the CCST Networking exam with this network hardware quiz from Chapter 10 of 'Cisco Certified Support Technician CCST Networking 100-150 Official Cert Guide.'

Even as networks grow into wildly complex systems, the building blocks remain the same. It's imperative that network professionals have a solid foundation of networking fundamentals before they progress in their careers. While some test takers might jump straight into more advanced certifications, novice learners can pursue the entry-level Cisco Certified Support Technician exam.

The CCST certification has two tracks: CCST Cybersecurity and CCST Networking. The exams for both certifications test individuals on their understanding of introductory IT topics, and the credentials serve as a path to the more intermediate Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate and Cisco Certified Network Associate levels.

The CCST Networking exam tests individuals on the following topics:

"[The CCST] is good for any network engineer who feels like they missed the basics or don't have a complete view," said Russ White, author of Cisco Certified Support Technician CCST Networking 100-150 Official Cert Guide. White's book provides a comprehensive, yet introductory overview of networking -- from basic foundations to network security and management best practices -- in various chapters and sections throughout his book.

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In Chapter 10, "Basic Network Hardware," White focuses on the physical infrastructure of networks. The chapter includes study material, such as network hardware questions, for candidates to review before the exam.

Below is the "Do I Know This Already?" quiz from Chapter 10, "Basic Network Hardware." These eight network hardware questions cover topics likely to be on the exam. Use these network hardware questions to test your knowledge. Discover White's advice for individuals preparing for the CCST exam.

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