Test your knowledge in this 5G QoS quiz

In this quiz, test your knowledge of network slicing, QoS, and other technologies and practices related to 5G networking.

5G networking and its capabilities, such as increased speeds, reduced latency and flexible service delivery, are right around the corner. Operators and enterprises should understand its full potential to adequately capitalize on its capabilities.

Various technologies can integrate with 5G infrastructure, such as software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). These technologies have already been put into practice with older generations of networking. For example, SDN was introduced over 10 years ago, around the time 4G first launched in the late 2000s.

However, both SDN and NFV can be expanded upon with 5G architecture. An attractive feature of 5G is the opportunity to replace proprietary hardware systems with virtualized software. SDN and NFV facilitate virtualization technologies, such as network slicing, which enables operators to divvy up and customize their 5G network infrastructure to best fit user needs.

The implementation of advanced technologies increases the chances of weakened network operations. Operators must be sure to integrate sufficient quality of service (QoS) to maintain a smoothly running network.

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In Chapter 9 of 5G Wireless: A Comprehensive Introduction, from Pearson, William Stallings outlines the requirements for 5G; highlights the benefits of 5G-enabled technologies, like network slicing; and defines QoS and its related terms.

The quiz below is adapted from the review questions in Chapter 9. Try it out, and test your understanding of the 5G concepts outlined by Stallings in his book.

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