Do I need to pay extra for licenses for an Oracle Partitioning Option?

Do you have an Oracle Partitioning Option installed in your database? Learn whether you need to pay extra for licensing and how to be compliant in this tip from an Oracle licensing expert.

We have Oracle Enterprise Edition (9i and 10g) and when we create a database, partitioning is installed. Do we need to pay for this extra cost option if we do not use it (we use it in about 10% of our databases)?

Companies only pay for the Oracle Partitioning Option when it is being 'used.' To use it however, you must be compliant. In order to be complaint you must match the number of licenses associated with the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. For example, if you have Named User licensing, then a minimum of 25 licenses per deployed CPU must be met.  And, it must be the same level and license type.  Thus, if you are deploying the Partitioning Option on a 4 CPU Server which is licensed by 4 CPU Database Enterprise Edition, then you need to procure 4 CPU Partitioning Option to be compliant.

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