Oracle OpenWorld 2018 news, trends and analysis

Last updated:October 2018

Editor's note

As Oracle tries to become a bigger factor in the cloud, the company has rebuilt its cloud computing strategy on a core set of technology pillars -- a move it highlighted at Oracle OpenWorld 2018.

The technologies that underpin Oracle's cloud push include Oracle Autonomous Database, which is designed to automate database administration tasks; a cloud infrastructure that promises strong security protections; and business applications with embedded AI and machine learning capabilities. Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are the key elements in the company's Gen 2 Cloud platform, while the applications offer a full SaaS suite for ERP, CRM and supply chain processes.

Whether Oracle can convince large numbers of users to buy into its cloud isn't clear. The company lags behind AWS, Microsoft and Google in the cloud platform market, partly a result of it initially being slow off the mark in embracing the cloud. Oracle is still scrambling to make up for lost time. As part of its effort to do so, it's trying to position Gen 2 Cloud as a "second-generation cloud" that's better suited for data-intensive enterprise uses than rival platforms are -- a contention that Larry Ellison, the vendor's executive chairman and CTO, emphasized during his opening day keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2018.

The conference took place Oct. 22 to 25 in San Francisco. This guide compiles our coverage from OpenWorld 2018, plus news and analysis of related Oracle technology developments prior to the conference. You'll also find advice on managing migrations of Oracle systems to the cloud.

1New functionality for Oracle's business applications

Oracle's cloud strategy depends not only on its flagship database software, but also on its lines of business applications. As a result, the company's heightened focus on AI and automation includes new capabilities for its ERP, HR, finance and CRM software. The stories in this section detail and analyze steps by Oracle to incorporate automated features into those applications, including the addition of new technologies at Oracle OpenWorld 2018.

2Oracle cloud deployment trends, examples and advice

Cloud technologies have become Oracle's primary calling card with users, so it isn't surprising that cloud migration was front and center on the Oracle OpenWorld 2018 agenda. For many organizations, moving on-premises Oracle databases and applications that power critical business operations to the cloud is a big step -- one that IT teams need to properly plan and execute. The items in this section offer tips on how to manage Oracle cloud migrations from experienced users and Oracle consultants.

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