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Everything you need to know about Oracle's high-profile acquisition spree and Fusion integration plans is here in one spot.

Oracle has been on an acquisition tear over the past few years, picking up more than 20 companies and upping its ownership stake in several others. In the midst of this buying spree -- which included the purchase of customer relationship management (CRM) giant Siebel Systems, a bloody battle for HR mainstay PeopleSoft, as well as the purchases of a host of smaller applications companies that opened Oracle up to new industry verticals -- Oracle announced Project Fusion, a bold plan to enable all the spoils of its acquisitions to run seamlessly on the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform. Here you'll find all the latest news and analysis on Oracle's acquisitions and Fusion plans, plus plenty of information about how Oracle's chief competitor, SAP AG, is reacting. The battle for business applications dominance is in full swing and's Oracle Fusion Update Center has you covered.  


The latest on Oracle's acquisitions & Fusion
Oracle's buying spree: A backgrounder
Oracle buys CRM giant Siebel  
The battle for PeopleSoft  


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