Oracle Openworld 2010 Special Report

This special report is your guide to Oracle OpenWorld 2010, the biggest annual conference for users of Oracle database and applications technology worldwide.

openworld2010Oracle OpenWorld 2010, the world’s largest conference for users of Oracle technology, will be held from September 19-23 in San Francisco. This year, attendees can expect more than 1,800 sessions, 400 partner exhibits and numerous demos, keynotes and labs, including the JavaOne and Oracle Develop conferences. will be at the show covering the latest news in applications, hardware, databases, Java and more. Be sure to bookmark this page to check back for breaking news and updates before, during and after the conference.

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Mark Smith on Oracle Fusion Application strategy: Mark Smith, CEO of Ventana Research, offers some advice on the highlights of Fusion Apps, the upgrade path and how business needs to remain engaged in the process.


Benioff responds to Ellison with Chatter 2 (and a few jokes): Marc Benioff made an encore performance at OpenWorld and had plenty to say about Larry Ellison's digs at his company as well as Chatter 2.

Oracle demos Fusion Applications; Ellison talks up integrated systems: Oracle executives demoed Fusion Applications at the end of the OpenWorld 2010 keynote on Wednesday. Meanwhile, CEO Larry Ellison dissed some more and talked up Exalogic and Exadata.

Oracle and Amazon team up for their own reasons: Oracle needs to prove it “gets” the cloud. Amazon needs to show that its Web services are ready for the enterprise.

Amazon corners off its cloud for Oracle users: AWS is splitting off a chunk of its cloud infrastructure for Oracle VM and Oracle apps, while Oracle loosens up its licensing for AWS. Will customers care?

Rimini St. adds Oracle E-Business Suite to third-party support lineup: Third-party support provider Rimini Street is adding support for Oracle E-Business Suite, with its first customers starting in a charter program at the beginning of next year.

An early look at Oracle's Fusion CRM applications: Oracle showed off some of its forthcoming Fusion Applications here at OpenWorld and while more detail is to come here’s an early look at the CRM portion.

Oracle Fusion Applications video demo: Oracle rolled out its long-awaited Fusion Applications suite at OpenWorld this year. got an exclusive look at the software. Watch the video to see it for yourself.

Oracle Enterprise Unbreakable Linux forks over Red Hat: Oracle last night rolled out a new Linux distro, Oracle Enterprise Unbreakable Linux, optimized for running on its latest high-end hardware.

Oracle OpenWorld 2010: The low point: Wow. Larry Ellison really knows how to put the OOW in Oracle OpenWorld.

Head to head video: Ellison gets cloud computing religion: In 2009, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison compared cloud computing hype to water vapor. One year later he’s on the cloud bandwagon.

Oracle apps expert previews Oracle OpenWorld 2010: Floyd Teter, vice president of the Oracle Applications User Group, talks about the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld 2010 in September, including anticipated sessions and product releases.

Oracle rolled out its long-awaited Oracle Fusion Applications suite at OpenWorld 2010, and got an exclusive demo look at the product, shown in these two videos.


See highlights from Larry Ellison's opening keynote, including his thoughts on cloud computing and the long-awaited release of Fusion Applications.


Oracle helps solve unique database security issues at Robert Morris U.: When Robert Morris University began developing a security plan, they used Oracle to help them with unique database security issues. 

Will users dip their toes into Oracle MySQL 5.5?: Oracle has announced updates to MySQL, saying its release candidate for MySQL 5.5 improves performance and scalability.

Is the next version of Exadata on its way?:  It took nearly a year after its release for Exadata V2 to gain interest among users.So is now too soon to start thinking about Oracle Exadata Version 3?

Oracle Open World data center news and photos: A quick update on data center news out of the Oracle Open World Conference so far.

Oracle: The world’s scariest software company: With apologies to Google and Microsoft,  Oracle may be the scariest software company on the planet.

Doug Miller, database development and operations director at R.L. Polk describes his company's use of Oracle's Exadata Database Machine, including why they picked it over Netezza and Teradata, and what kind of query performance improvements they've seen.


Gustavo Gonzalez, global IT director for IT Convergence, talks about using Oracle VM to consolidate his company's physical servers, and also where Oracle Enterprise Unbreakable Linux fits into the Linux universe.



Sun VARs to Oracle: You need us!: For Oracle to become a hardware power, it needs a viable channel, at least according to channel people.

Oracle placates Sun shops with SPARC T3: Oracle gave the nod to the Web-serving side of the Sun hardware business by announcing the successor to UltraSPARC processor, and new servers built on top of it.

Oracle Exalogic is the company's "cloud in a box": Larry Ellison opened OpenWorld 2010 offering his definition of cloud, taking shots at and releasing a complement to Exadata, the Oracle Exalogic "cloud in a box."

Oracle, HP, Mark Hurd come to quick settlement: News came this week that Oracle and HP quickly settled their dispute over former HP CEO Mark Hurd being hired as co-president of Oracle.

Oracle Exalogic appliances intrigue VARs: Big-ticket Oracle appliances carry big prices but no reseller margin.

Top channel takeaways from Oracle OpenWorld 2010: Oracle’s really packing in the news at Oracle OpenWorld thus far. For Oracle and Sun channel partners, here are the top line items out of the big event.

Ellison: Integration is big, services not so much: As the masses gather for Oracle OpenWorld here it’ll be interesting to see how much of the big show will highlight more integrated systems, more Exadatas, perhaps the “VM Machine.”

Mark Hurd says hey to Oracle partners: Newly-minted Oracle co-president Mark Hurd introduced himself to a few thousand Oracle partners Sunday afternoon. And he reiterated what they’ve heard for months now from other Oracle execs.

Oracle earnings call: Top takeaways: Oracle’s earnings calls are great entertainment.Here are the top five takeaways from the latest Oracle call.

Sun VARS: Hurd won't change Oracle's direct-sales focus: While Mark Hurd was seen as a channel booster at HP, Sun VARs don't expect him to change Oracle's direct-sales culture.

IT pros unsure Oracle can cut it as a hardware power: As it kicks off Oracle OpenWorld 2010 next week, Oracle has a lot to prove as a hardware vendor.



JavaOne 2010 news, views and conference coverage: This year is the first year that the JavaOne conference is held in conjunction with Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Develop. Find the latest news and information on development from JavaOne and Oracle Develop 2010.

At JavaOne - Java on the front end get its time to shine: It was surprising how much time Oracle’s Thomas Kurian devoted to user interface issues in his JavaOne Keynote Monday.

Oracle World 2010: When hardware met software: If the JavaOne folks were salving their pride this week, kicked out, if you will, of the Moscone Center that used to be the sole home for JavaOne – then how did the OracleWorld people feel?

Java and OpenJDK additions discussed as Oracle takes JavaOne stage: Oracle outlined OpenJDK additions and enhancements destined for future versions of Java at JavaOne in San Francisco.

Oracle-Google lawsuit changes course of JavaOne conference: The upcoming JavaOne conference — part of Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco — looks to be shaping up quite differently than Oracle planned.

Benjamin Mestrallet on rumors about Java
At JavaOne 2010, Benjamin Mestrallet, eXo CEO, opines on real and rumored threats to Java, discussing the Oracle suit against Google and Oracle's JavaOne announcements about the Java roadmap.

Advice on Getting The Most Out of JavaOne with Replay Solutions' Jonathan Lindo
TheServerSide got a chance to talk to hit up Jonathan Lindo of Replay Solutions about being an exhibitor at JavaOne, and what JavaOne attendees can do to get the most out of JavaOne and OracleWorld 2010.

Insights on JavaOne 2010 and Oracle OpenWorld
Everyone is gearing up for JavaOne 2010, and in anticipation of the event, got a chance to chat with habitual presenter, Eugene Ciurana.



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