Rich Niemiec on Oracle database 12c, database security and Larry's law

SearchOracle writer Mark Fontecchio had a chance to catch up with Richard Niemiec, adviser to Rolta India Ltd.'s board of directors, Oracle Ace director, and former president of IOUG. In this video, Niemiec examines various topics including pluggable databases, the upcoming release of Oracle Database 12C, Varchar 2, database tuning and more.

Listen as Niemiec explains the difference between a regular Oracle database and a multi-tenant database, and what Oracle products mean for both databases -- and Oracle -- in the future. Find out their effect on ERP systems, data warehouses and more. And, for your ears only, Niemiec lays out his secret tip for Facebook and other companies that regularly deal with big data.

In this video, he imagines a future where, just as people now say "there's an app for that," they will be saying "there's a PDB (or Pluggable Database) for that."

When it comes to tuning, "people really don't have the time to do all the things in tuning," Niemiec says. Learn what he sees as the answer to this common pain point.

He also discusses partitioning -- in particular, the unique challenges of partitioning online and partial indexes for partitions. Find out about Oracle's new audit-admin role and its effect on the DBA, who no longer has to be the one who does database security.

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Finally, learn about the new term Niemiec himself has coined, "Larry's Law," which is an update to Moore's law. While Moore believes the speed of technology doubles every 18 months, Niemiec suggests that, under Larry Ellison, the amount of data that databases are able to handle will double even more rapidly -- an exciting theory and exciting situation to watch take place before our very eyes.

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