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State of Texas implements Oracle Database as a Service

The state of Texas is building a statewide private cloud that includes using Oracle Database as a Service on top of Exadata machines to deliver database instances faster to its end users.

The state picked Xerox's business services unit as a partner to help deploy the private cloud, a project that started in 2010 with discussions. Implementation is ongoing, with the goal being to migrate almost 700 database servers to Exadata. While the move has certainly encountered its share of challenges, officials say the end result is the faster deployment of instances using Oracle Database as a Service.

In this video, Texas Director of eGovernment Todd Kimbriel explains the justification for moving to Oracle Database as a Service, and the biggest challenge in doing so. Meanwhile, Xerox Business Services Chief Technology Officer Chris Mankle explains the difference between deploying a database instance in the old environment, and what it's like now with Oracle Database as a Service.

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