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RSA Conference 2023 highlights strength through alliances

Last updated:April 2023

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Editor's note

The theme of RSA Conference 2023 was "Stronger Together," an inspiring tack to take at the world's premier cybersecurity event. This is not about simply coming together but forging a united front using every team member's diverse knowledge and experience to fight cyberthreats.

The event ran April 24-27 at San Francisco's Moscone Center and featured hundreds of sessions covering an array of timely cybersecurity topics, including advanced threats, fraud prevention, cloud security, DevSecOps, AI and more.

TechTarget Editorial was on site, reporting from the conference floor and transmitting the latest insights from keynote speakers, session presenters and professional trainers. Stay tuned as we continue updating this guide with any late developments, including information on tools, tactics and strategies that can help the industry become stronger together in such a complex risk environment.

1News from the conference floor

Cybersecurity leaders took on a wide range of topics at RSA 2023 with an eye to solving some of the greatest challenges of this era. Here are the key takeaways from inside the Moscone Center.

2Attacks and threats

A perennial focus of the RSA conference is the evolving threat landscape. In 2023, new and well-known attack types and adversaries dominated discussions -- along with the hot topic of AI.

3AI in the spotlight

AI has taken the world by storm, so it's no surprise that it dominated discussions at RSAC 2023. Experts examined the good, bad and ugly cybersecurity implications of AI, while vendors began to unveil the application of the tech in new products.

4RSAC 2023 pre-conference coverage

Check out trends and topics to be on the lookout for at this year's event. Then, refresh your memory of RSA 2022 with last year's conference coverage and other helpful information as you prepare for this year's big show.

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