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Risk & Repeat: Recapping RSA Conference 2024

Artificial intelligence was center stage at RSA Conference 2024, but the show also focused on secure-by-design principles, the ransomware landscape and more.

If one thing was top of mind at RSA Conference 2024, it was generative AI.

This year's cybersecurity conference, held last week in San Francisco, was another showcase for generative AI (GenAI), after it was the star of the show in 2023 following OpenAI's public release of ChatGPT.

The emerging technology was in full display on the show floor, with vendors advertising their latest AI-powered products and services, and industry giants like Google unveiled new offerings related to the tech. The mood also had a cautious slant, as organizations like IBM warned against making security an afterthought in GenAI development, and U.S. government officials outlined how threat actors were already using the technology for malicious activities.

The rapid onslaught of GenAI tech has also helped highlight secure-by-design principles, which were heavily promoted at the conference. Two examples include CISA's secure-by-design pledge and Microsoft's recent expansion of its Secure Future Initiative in which the tech giant promised to prioritize security in its software development.

On the threat landscape front, both private- and public-sector officials said they continued to see activity from Chinese nation-state hacking group Volt Typhoon, while the White House warned of "severe" threats to critical infrastructure.

On this episode of the Risk & Repeat podcast, TechTarget editors Rob Wright, Alex Culafi and Arielle Waldman discuss their final thoughts on RSA Conference 2024.

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