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RSA security conference video roundup: 2024 perspectives

We chatted on camera with attendees and presenters at RSAC 2024. To get the highlights of one of the world's major cybersecurity conferences, check out this video collection.

At RSA Conference 2024, the TechTarget Editorial team was on site at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, filing video reports on the event and livestreaming from Broadcast Alley with presenters and attending experts. Now, we've brought the show floor to you: Here, we've gathered those videos to provide you with all the highlights from the four days of the annual RSA' security conference.

We talked with panelists and experts about all things cybersecurity, including security architecture, cloud security and cybersecurity careers. Generative AI dominated much of the conference, not surprisingly, and the current -- and likely future -- threat landscape was on everyone's mind as well. Interviewees included the author of a new book on cybersecurity myths, the founder of PlayCyber and the past board chair for ISACA, who discussed the impact of AI on our cybersecurity world.

Also here: the twice-daily recaps by two ace TechTarget news reporters. At the start and close of Days 2 and 3, Alex Culafi and Arielle Waldman got together to chat about what they expected to see and how those expectations were -- or were not -- met. They shared what they saw on the show floor and in sessions, what surprised them and what they learned about topics such as AI, threat intelligence and the current focus in the field on what's known as secure by design.

At the conference's close, Melinda Marks, practice director of TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group chatted with senior analysts Todd Thiemann and David Vance. They shared their impressions and takeaways and discussed the themes that struck them.

Whether you attended RSAC 2024 in person or followed remotely, this collection of videos from the RSA security conference should prove fascinating and further solidify your cybersecurity knowledge.

Live at RSAC: The Importance of Security Architecture

Two cybersecurity pioneers discuss their hugely successful security architecture podcast and why success comes from treating people as, well, people first -- and security practitioners second.

Live at RSA: Cybersecurity Myths Debunked

Josiah Dykstra dishes out tough truths about cybersecurity based on 19 years at the National Security Agency. Now the director of strategic initiatives at Trail of Bits and co-author of Cybersecurity Myths and Misconceptions, he talks common cybersecurity myths and AI.

Live at RSAC: Keeping Up with Cloud Security

Just before his RSAC session on cloud misconfiguration, Ratemo sat down to discuss common cloud configuration missteps and best practices as well as the advice he has for IT and security pros.

Live at RSAC: What We're Watching

Day 2 preview: TechTarget reporters Alex Culafi and Arielle Waldman chat about what they'll be seeing in that week's sessions and interviews.

Live at RSAC: How Cyber Games Benefit Security

Jessica Gulick, founder and CEO of Katzcy and PlayCyber, is on a mission to make cybersecurity an e-sport. Why? To make a cyber career feel accessible for young people, she says, but also because cybersports make for more skilled and efficient cyber practitioners.

Live at RSAC: Today's Biggest IT Security Challenges

Rob Clyde, past board chair for ISACA, reflects on how AI technology has hit milestones his professors once thought impossible -- like beating a grandmaster at chess or winning a game of Go. Clyde also shares thoughts around modern security concerns amid emerging technologies.

Live at RSAC: Inspiring Diversity in Cyber

Mari Galloway, CEO of the Women's Society of Cyberjutsu, and longtime member Andreae Pohlman talk about the importance of supporting women and getting girls interested in cybersecurity. They delve into how organizations can support diversity goals and initiatives internally.

Live at RSAC: Spotting the Trends

Day 2 wrap-up: TechTarget reporters Alex Culafi and Arielle Waldman share what they saw on the show floor and in RSAC sessions, including messaging on AI products and Google threat intelligence, election security and the ransomware evolution.

Live at RSAC: What We're Watching

Day 3 preview: TechTarget reporters Alex Culafi and Arielle Waldman reflect on their stories from the previous day, including the Volt Typhoon and Microsoft AI initiatives.

Live at RSAC: Spotting the Trends

Day 3 wrap-up: TechTarget reporters Alex Culafi and Arielle Waldman recap their findings from RSAC sessions and interviews. They talk election security, LockBit ringleader's identity, critical infrastructure threats and the concept of being secure by design.

Live at RSAC: Enterprise Strategy Group Insights

Practice Director Melinda Marks and senior analysts Todd Thiemann and David Vance, all from TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group, talk major conference themes: cyber-risk management announcements, asset visibility, nonhuman identities and API security.

This roundup was compiled by Brenda Horrigan, executive managing editor with TechTarget Editorial's Business Initiatives group.

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