How to manage application security best practices and risks

Last updated:May 2019

Editor's note

Once considered an afterthought in software design, application security is increasingly top of mind for developers. The way applications are used these days -- accessed over networks -- invites a variety of potential threats. Frequent testing and adherence to application security best practices can limit the possibility of unauthorized code being used to steal, share or modify sensitive user information.

Understanding the source of potential threats to applications is step one. Security professionals need to anticipate vulnerabilities from all the right perspectives, and that means testing apps for flaws on a regular basis, whether that means monthly, quarterly or following updates. Check out this essential guide's topics, which include application security best practices, threat identification and security testing tips.

1Application security best practices

Staying up to date on best practices is critical to application security. Based on business needs and regulations, application security program regulations should meet baseline standards. You know that security is a significant aspect of software development and that layered security can minimize information risks. But did you know layered security can fall short with respect to visibility and control? Keeping the developer's role in mind in the security strategy can enable your enterprise to create a more effective application security program.

2Identify threats and vulnerabilities

If you want to be in a position to identify and quickly resolve application security threats, the following articles are for you. These threats have been around for years, but until web application security becomes a priority, attackers will be able to take advantage of application flaws. You need to know how user data is being stolen and shared by malicious apps and app libraries. The best way to begin addressing security risks is by configuring the app to assume that all data is coming from an untrusted source, followed by code review and vulnerability scans.

3Understanding app security testing

Choosing where to focus application security testing is an important decision. Ideally, enterprises have all the resources they need to examine each and every area of software to detect potential security flaws, from all the right perspectives. Our experts made it easy for you to prioritize app security testing efforts and provide troubleshooting advice for when your testing initiatives fall short. Incorporating these testing tips is a crucial step in incorporating application security best practices in your organization.

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