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April 2017 Insider Edition

Identity and access management strategy: Time to modernize?

IT is constantly evolving, but the speed of change in how organizations of all sizes operate and interact has never been more frenetic. Now is the time to access and modernize your identity and access management strategy. The number of diverse and geographically spread users and devices connecting to enterprise networks via disparate applications and APIs grows daily, and the proliferation of device types is set to explode as the internet of things gains traction. Security teams are on the back foot, struggling to keep control over who and what can access network resources at the very moment that identities are a primary target for hackers who -- armed with a valid identity and credentials -- can easily bypass other security controls. This makes identities a critical digital asset and puts identity security at the heart of a layered defense strategy. Many organizations have tried to use existing identity and access management (IAM) systems to deal with these seismic changes. But this has led to identity sprawl and debilitating ...

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