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April 2017 Insider Edition

Strong authentication methods: Are you behind the curve?

If users can't remember their passwords, consider it a positive sign. In 2015, football, baseball, and several Star Wars references made SplashData's top 25 worst list, alongside perennial favorites, 123456 and password. But beyond that, why are companies still having this discussion? Usernames and passwords, on their own, are a vulnerable form of authentication. Passwords are forgotten, written down, and unintentionally disclosed to phishers adept at crafting email lures. multifactor authentication (MFA) -- which requires verification from two or more independent credentials such as a password, security token or biometric identification -- may offer more layers of defense, but it is still not the norm. Why don't more enterprises adopt strong authentication methods? The answer may lie in uncertainty about the best technology options, implementation strategies and costs. Strategic considerations Start by understanding your use case. Is the user base small and focused on a small set of applications? A legal team within a large ...

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