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Quiz: Network security authentication methods

There are many methods available to authenticate users requesting access to an organization's systems. Test your knowledge with this quiz on authentication in network security.

There are multiple ways to authenticate users requesting enterprise network access. Depending on how critical the data, a single method may not provide the level of protection an organization requires. Factor in a long list of regulatory data protection requirements, and the task becomes even more high stakes.

With each data breach that occurs and each piece of landmark data protection legislation that passes, more and more people -- from C-level executives to end users -- are paying attention to cybersecurity. GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act enforcement actions have begun, and privacy has entered the lexicon -- so much so that there are newly established positions dedicated to the discipline of digital identity and privacy, such as data protection officers.

It is incumbent on organizations to take today's increasingly privacy-literate culture into account when facilitating secure user identity-enabled experiences. It's not just for privacy practitioners either. IT and security leaders must also acknowledge the new regulatory landscape and user sentiments when crafting identity and access management (IAM) programs that are also equipped to handle the massive shift to remote work.

Take this quiz on network security authentication methods to test out and enhance your knowledge.

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