OneLogin Desktop Pro for Windows reduces password load

By eliminating the need for remote workers to sign into Active Directory to access their network, OneLogin's Desktop Pro for Windows aims to make working remotely easier, according to the vendor.

OneLogin has released Desktop Pro for Windows to enable single sign-on for remote workers.

OneLogin Desktop Pro for Windows can authenticate PCs against OneLogin in the cloud regardless of location, using only one sign-on. The cloud-based identity and access management vendor claimed this will prevent sacrificing usability and security of OneLogin when working remotely.

According to Gartner, 43% of employees work remotely some of the time, and 69% cited workplace flexibility as a critical factor in choosing potential employers.

When logging onto machines, users enter their OneLogin credentials, and OneLogin Desktop Pro authenticates credentials against the cloud directory. Users gain access to the OneLogin portal via their browser, and then the browser performs passwordless, single sign-on (SSO) authentication against the cloud directory to enable users' access to their portal and cloud apps. 

Typically, remote workers would have to log into a live directory -- such as Microsoft Active Directory -- before accessing OneLogin. Active Directory enables administrators to manage users within a network, either on local or internet-based servers. The new offering authenticates Windows PCs without an Active Directory infrastructure behind the firewall.

OneLogin Desktop was originally launched to manage numerous laptops and devices used by remote employees and answer the need for simple and easy password security.

A OneLogin study found almost 37% of U.S. companies require individual passwords for 26 to 100 apps, and only 42% of companies use SSO despite its primary purpose being to eliminate passwords, increase security and save time.

OneLogin Desktop Pro can be enrolled on Windows PCs and Macs manually or automatically using management software such as Windows Group Policy Object, AirWatch, Meraki or Jamf.  With installation comes the OneLogin Tray App, docked to a user's desktop, which binds OneLogin identity to the machine, grants access to the OneLogin portal without entering credentials and enables easy password changes.

The launch of OneLogin Desktop Pro for Windows also introduces Shared Workstation functionality and plans to support multifactor authentication soon -- features consistently requested by OneLogin Desktop users. OneLogin Desktop Pro is also available now for Mac.

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