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Try this cybersecurity quiz to test your (threat) intelligence

Check out our latest issue, and then test your understanding of the material. By passing this quiz, you'll solidify your knowledge and earn CPE credit, too.

This cybersecurity quiz is a learning aid that helps security professionals solidify new knowledge. In the latest issue of Information Security magazine, we delve into new happenings and ongoing developments in the field that industry pros needs to stay abreast of. Because, when it comes to cybersecurity technologies, the tools available are constantly changing but so are the techniques for how to put them to best use. Among the subjects the February 2020 issue of Information Security addresses is the changing ways industry pros are putting cybersecurity threat intelligence to use.

Threat intelligence services are not new, but transforming the information they possess into actionable intelligence is changing significantly. This issue of the magazine also delves into the array of other concerns CISOs are grappling with in 2020. These include cloud security risks, the spread of ransomware and issues related to physical security that have developed in the wake of the IoT revolution.

New knowledge sticks when it's reinforced. So, after you've read the February 2020 issue of Information Security magazine, try this cybersecurity quiz. If you answer nine of 10 questions correctly, you'll not only be up to date on the latest cybersecurity issues, but you'll receive CPE credit as well.

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