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How a threat intelligence platform can anticipate future attacks

If your organization is considering using a threat intelligence platform to delve into the possible risks it faces, it is important to understand the strengths and limits of this type of technology. As the threat intelligence market is still relatively immature, the services being offered can range from providing unsorted streams of threat information data to true tactical and strategic intelligence presented in a usable format. The latter is what your enterprise should look seek. This video explains how a threat intelligence platform can be used in organizations and the factors to weigh before deciding on paying for a service.

"The chances are the attacks that are hitting you are not the very first time they have ever happened. They may have been used on another organization at some point. A good threat intelligence service will amalgamate all that information and give it to you in a format you can use for the future," says Rob Shapland, a senior penetration tester at First Base Technologies, a U.K. information security consultancy. A threat intelligence platform provides the ability to forecast possible future threats and developing trends, giving your enterprise the opportunity to put countermeasures in place before attacks even happen.

Shapland goes over the key attributes of a good threat intelligence platform, such as providing an aggregation of data that also comes with relevant and actionable advice, as well as the ability to integrate with the existing security systems in your organization. Threat intelligence also can give insight into the capability, intent and opportunity of possible attackers, and thus help you focus defenses in the right places. He then discusses the weaknesses related to this technology -- one is not having the right staff trained to analyze the data and implement countermeasures.

Watch this video to learn more about using a threat intelligence platform and whether it is the right technology for your organization.

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