Cloud Data Management Interface

Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) is a Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) industry standard that defines the interface that applications will use to create, retrieve, update and delete data elements from the cloud

According to SNIA:

"As part of this interface, the client will be able to discover the capabilities of the cloud storage offering and to use this interface to manage containers and the data that is placed in them. In addition, data system metadata can be set on containers and their contained data elements through this interface. The majority of existing cloud storage offerings today will likely be able to implement the interface. They can implement the interface with an adapter to their existing proprietary interface, or they can implement the interface directly, side by side with their existing interfaces. 

This interface may also be used by administrative and management applications to manage containers, domains, security access, and monitoring/billing information, even for storage that is functionally accessible by legacy or proprietary protocols. The capabilities of the underlying storage and data services are exposed so that clients can understand the offering. Conformant cloud offerings may offer a subset of the CDMI interface, as long as they expose the limitations in the capabilities part of the interface. The CDMI specification uses RESTful principles in the interface design where possible." 


This was last updated in April 2012

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