Zadara VPSA and ZIOS

Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA Storage Array) and Zadara Intelligent Object Storage (ZIOS Object Storage) are products sold by the enterprise storage as a service vendor, Zadara Storage.

VPSA Storage Array arrived on the market in 2012 and was originally available only on the Zadara Storage Cloud, a private storage cloud that runs within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. The vendor has added more cloud services and, in 2014, an on-premises option for private clouds.

Zadara Storage's Doug Jury explains
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The Zadara VPSA Storage Array is OpenStack-based block or file storage.

  • For block storage, the Cloud SAN VPSA Storage Array uses iSCSI, iSCSI extensions (Mellanox 40 gigabit Ethernet technology for iSCSI connections) or Fibre Channel connectivity. Customers can choose to include serial-attached SCSI (SAS) or solid-state drives (SSDs). It also features high-availability failover, snapshots, replication, thin provisioning and migration capabilities.
  • For file storage, the Cloud NAS VPSA Storage Array uses CIFS or NFS connectivity and SSD, serial ATA (SATA) or SAS drives. Additional features include snapshots, online volume migration, encryption, thin provisioning, flash cache and dual high-availability controllers.

AWS customers can also choose to purchase the VPSA Storage Array in the form of the Zadara Storage Cube, which is sold through the AWS marketplace and can connect to multiple existing instances of an Amazon Virtual Private cloud. In 2015, Zadara added Docker support to the VPSA Storage Array platform so users could run containerized applications inside Zadara's storage.

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ZIOS Object Storage Intelligent Object Storage was introduced in 2016, along with a flash cache option that allows Zadara customers to add 200-gigabyte increments as a means of performance acceleration. ZIOS Object Storage stores data in a flat namespace, which allows for high scalability. It is compatible with the Amazon Simple Storage Service and Swift application programming interface.

The ZIOS Object Storage platform also provides features such as Multi-tenancy and two- or three-way redundancy.

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