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August 2020, Vol. 18, No. 3

On-premises STaaS shifts storage buying to Opex model

Deploying and managing enterprise storage is a costly and complex process. IT departments must plan, purchase, install, configure, maintain, update, retire and dispose of equipment -- all the steps that constitute storage lifecycle management. To simplify operations and avoid high upfront costs, many organizations turn to public cloud platforms to meet some or most of their storage needs. Storage as a service (STaaS) eliminates Capex, simplifies management and offers extensive flexibility. Unfortunately, STaaS delivered through a public cloud platform has its issues, particularly around security, control and performance. Even so, organizations like the concept of storage delivered as a managed service because of the ease of use afforded by cloud services. To get the best of both worlds, IT teams have been looking for ways to bring cloud-like functionality to their on-premises data centers, often implementing private or hybrid clouds that duplicate many of the advantages of public services. Deploying infrastructure in-house, ...

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