Test your Azure Virtual Desktop storage management skills

Use these questions to test how well you know the best practices for managing Azure Virtual Desktop storage.

As more organizations consider implementing desktop virtualization, it has become more important for IT teams to know how to manage virtual desktop software such as Azure Virtual Desktop.

To better understand how to successfully implement an Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environment, one resource IT professionals can look to is Mastering Azure Virtual Desktop by Ryan Mangan. The book covers various aspects of implementation and management, from planning an AVD architecture to monitoring virtual desktop performance.

Storage management is a complicated aspect of any enterprise IT operation, and this is especially true with virtual desktop management. In Azure Virtual Desktop, administrators must be familiar with several components of storage and know how to configure them for the best results. AVD offers different storage options for FSLogix profile containers, different tiers for file shares and different types of managed disks. Successful storage management requires an understanding of the best use cases for these different options and how they may affect one another.

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In Chapter 5, titled "Implementing and Managing Storage for Azure Virtual Desktop," Mangan explains how to properly manage storage in AVD, going over essential processes such as how to configure storage accounts and create file shares.

The following quiz features review questions from Chapter 5. Try it out to test your understanding of the best practices for managing Azure Virtual Desktop storage.

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