Microsoft Hybrid Configuration Wizard

The Microsoft Hybrid Configuration wizard is a tool in Exchange Server 2013 that provides a method for administrators to create and configure hybrid deployments. The wizard consolidates the two hybrid deployment wizards from Exchange 2010 SP2 into a single tool.

The Hybrid Configuration wizard first verifies that the Exchange Online and on-premises setups are able to support a hybrid deployment. The wizard then tests the credentials of the accounts and makes any necessary configuration changes. The wizard includes support for Edge Transport server configuration and switches on the features related to the hybrid deployment each time it runs.

Microsoft includes five main features in the wizard.

  • Secure mail, which provides the secure delivery of messages between Exchange Online and the on-premises organization with a Transport Layer Security protocol
  • Outlook Web App redirection, which offers one URL for accessing Exchange Online and on-premises mailboxes
  • Online archiving, which lets the Exchange Online organization host email archives for Exchange Online and on-premises end users
  • MailTips, which displays informative messages as end users compose messages
  • Free/busy sharing, which permits information from calendars to be shared between Exchange Online and on-premises users


This was last updated in September 2014

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