From Brand to Demand Generation: The changing landscape of online display advertising

Senior IT management in western Europe have a much higher propensity to visit vendor websites after viewing a relevant online display ad, in comparison to our WW sample.

In this video, Alastair Mackie and Jeff Ramminger discuss new opportunities they're seeing for successful online marketing and review results achieved for Oracle, IBM, and other top organizations.

There is a general lack of metrics to help brand marketers value online display ads and, with search taking focus and dollars, direct response is the "killer app" for many marketers because it's more easily measureable.

Now, a better understanding of IT buyer media use and preferences with online ads is helping the industry move from measuring simple views and click-thru rates to engagement - connecting brand and demand generation into more effective online advertising.



Alastair Mackie
Head of Digital Advertising Solutions
Financial Times


Jeff Ramminger
SVP of Products & Search Strategy