TechTarget News - Week of Jul 23, 2017

Breaking down the Broadpwn exploit, world's first Wi-Fi worm

At Black Hat 2017, Exodus Intelligence researcher Nitay Artenstein unveiled the Broadpwn exploit, which he called the world's first Wi-fi worm and which puts billions of iOS and Android devices at risk.

2017 cybersecurity trends at the Black Hat conference

This week, bloggers look into 2017 cybersecurity trends leading up to the Black Hat conference, Movidius deep learning and Mist's approach to WLAN.

Mitel eyes hybrid UC with ShoreTel acquisition

Mitel expects the ShoreTel acquisition to double its cloud business and help accelerate customers' migration to hybrid UC services.

Adobe's Flash end of life scheduled, finally, for 2020

News roundup: Adobe announced that Flash end of life will happen by the end of 2020. Plus, Microsoft expands its bug bounty program, the 2017 Pwnie Awards winners, and more.

New Microsoft fuzz testing service brings AI, automation to developers

Microsoft Security Risk Detection automatically tests application code for errors and vulnerabilities so developers can fix issues within an app before releasing it to users.

Broadview unites meeting room systems with desktop, mobile users

In UC news, Broadview Networks released a service that connects video meeting rooms regardless of location and system type, while InFocus released display wall processors for 4K screens.

Cisco works with Police to hit Kent counterfeiters

The networking firm has worked with the Police to take thousands of pounds worth of counterfeit networking products out of circulation

CIA hacking tools for Mac OS and Linux exposed by WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks has exposed hacking tools targeting the Mac and Linux operating systems in the latest of its series of leaks allegedly from the US Central Intelligence Agency

Intel reports record second quarter

Intel chief claims to have raised the bar on performance and predicts record year for the chip maker after record second-quarter revenue

Singapore to review personal data protection rules

If given the green light, the proposed changes to the Personal Data Protection Act will require organisations to notify the authorities of data breaches

SQL Server for Linux gets closer -- Windows database adds HA traits

SQL Server for Linux has gained added features on its way to general availability as part of the almost-ready SQL Server 2017. Meanwhile, its Windows-based brother is upping its high availability quotient.

Comcast takes Business VoiceEdge to Microsoft Office 365

Comcast is providing integration between its cloud phone service, Business VoiceEdge, and Office 365. The extension lets users make phone calls from the Microsoft cloud-based applications.

Plan for supply chain disruption as trade policies shift

PwC names supply chain disruption among three areas of uncertainty; data aggregation and skills gap are challenges to IoT adoption, according to new survey of IEEE members.

Whitman steps down from HP board

Two years after the split between HPE and HP Meg Whitman has decided the time is right to step down from being chairman at HP

Industroyer malware a turning point for ICS security

Security researchers at Black Hat 2017 analyzed the Industroyer malware, the attack on Ukraine's power grid and what it means for industrial control system security in the U.S.

Meg Whitman steps down from HP Inc board

Whitman has served as chairperson of HP since the separation of HP Inc and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in November 2015

Tribunal strikes down Ofcom rulings on business broadband

The telecoms regulator will have to go back to the drawing board as it seeks to establish regulation for the business broadband market, following a successful appeal by Openreach

Facebook share price hits record high

Social networking giant reports revenue up 45% and profits up 71% in second quarter compared with Q2 2016, as share price hits $173

Stamos preaches defensive security research in Black Hat keynote

Facebook's Alex Stamos used his Black Hat 2017 keynote to address a wide variety of issues, including defensive security research and diversity in the infosec community.

Azure puts a new twist on container management platforms

Azure Container Instances will mean customers can now use -- and pay for -- containers only, though some doubt this will dramatically change the competitive landscape.

Savvius Spotlight network traffic monitoring tool launches

Savvius Spotlight, a new network traffic monitoring tool, launches; ManageEngine boosts its endpoint monitoring; and Cisco forecasts 'destruction-of-service' attacks.

Microsoft Azure Stack Development Kit brings hybrid home

Microsoft's Azure Stack Development Kit is designed to help developers validate Azure Stack applications for hybrid deployments in different locations globally or even on premises.

Update expands Mist Wi-Fi management platform use cases

The latest update to the Mist Wi-Fi management platform makes it more useful for divvying up network access in hotels, college dormitories and apartment buildings.

UKFast takes steps to ease graduate debt

The channel player has set up a fund that is designed to help students that join its graduate scheme cut down on some of their debts

UK police forces taking action to quash data misuse

With nearly 800 reported incidents of potential data misuse by police in less than 16 months, at least 34 police forces are taking steps to improve monitoring systems to address this problem

UK firms see employees as top risk to GDPR compliance

Most UK companies consider their staff as the biggest threat to compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, a survey has revealed

RSA president calls for business-driven security

A business-centric rather than one-size-fits-all approach to cyber security will help organisations mitigate cyber attacks that have become bolder than ever

Australian businesses bullish on AI

Demand for artificial intelligence technology is growing in Australia amid looming fears over job losses

G Suite feature for whitelisting apps helps IT protect data

Google G Suite and other cloud services use app whitelisting to prevent untrusted third-party applications from accessing and exposing critical data.

G Suite security misconfigurations leave sensitive data exposed

G Suite security faced similar issues to Amazon Web Services, as misconfigured access permissions could have exposed sensitive information from hundreds of Google Groups.

IBM opens new cloud data centers to push new apps, services

IBM opened four new cloud data centers to expand its global cloud footprint and to better equip users with tools, applications and services, such as containers, for the cloud era.

Data center acquisitions can cause price and services upheaval

Enterprises that rent racks inside one of the many data centers that have changed hands in 2017 should carefully evaluate changes to connectivity options, service and prices.

Ransomware threat escalating, warns Europol

Europol warns that the threat of ransomware continues to escalate as it marks the anniversary of a cross-industry anti-ransomware initiative

Fancy Bear C&C servers taken down by Microsoft lawsuit

Experts applaud Microsoft for clever use of a lawsuit to claim command and control server domains used by malicious Russian APT group Fancy Bear.

Hyper-converged IT architecture changes admin staffing roles

IT leaders who have adopted a hyper-converged architecture say it streamlines costs and eliminates silos and finger-pointing, but also brings a fear of the unknown to their staffs.

Security still not getting through to the boardroom

The attitude towards cyber security still differs between the IT department and the rest of the boardroom and that is an issue the channel will need to be aware of and ideally help tackle

APAC public cloud market to surpass $10bn in 2017

Led by growing demand for cloud infrastructure services, the public cloud market is now dominated by Microsoft, Amazon and Alibaba, which is expanding its footprint outside China

Nordea deploys AI to speed up customer service

Nordea is reaping the rewards of its fintech investments through its latest project to use artificial intelligence to support customers

Tech disruption forces CEOs to rethink leadership

Headline figures from KPMG’s Outlook 2017 survey of 1500 CEOs shows that 40% expect technology innovation to cause major disruption

EMM market 'fading fast' thanks to workspaces, analyst says

As more vendors bundle enterprise mobility management into suites, it's important for organizations to be aware of the different ways to buy the technology.

Ransomware fears spur moves away from Windows XP

There has been an acceleration in the migration away from Windows XP to more modern alternatives with the ransomware threat looming over users

What are Amazon Web Services’ Nordic plans?

Amazon Web Services' head in the Nordic tells Computer Weekly about the region's increasing demand and use of the cloud