TechTarget News - Week of Dec 19, 2010

EU could investigate Intel’s McAfee acquisition

European regulators may investigate Intel's McAfee acquisition following anti-competition concerns. The European Union has expressed concerns about...

Top health care tech trends of 2010: IPad, mHealth, EHRs

The year 2010 was pretty busy for health care tech, as CIOs witnessed the iPad revolution, shored up wireless networks and wondered where mobile health will take them in 2011.

Editors name the top manufacturing IT trends of 2010

2010 was a busy year for manufacturing technology, with companies struggling to balance tight budgets with their ongoing need for up-to-date software. For a comprehensive picture of the past year, check out these top manufacturing IT trends of 2010.

Film, Television and Radio School seeks 200TB

The Australian Film, Television and Radio School is looking for 200 TB of storage to help its students create digital media, improve backup and create an archive.

As health IT policy evolves, federal agencies take on new roles

As federal health IT policy continues to take shape, many agencies gain new oversight. Here we review the new players that emerged in 2010 -- and that will be on the scene in 2011.

Top 10 server virtualization news stories of 2010

VSphere 4.1 and XenServer 5.6 were major releases in 2010, but that's just the tip of the server virtualization news iceberg. Check out what else dominated the headlines this year.

Government urges ISPs to censor sex websites

Internet service providers are being urged by the government to provide access to pornographic websites on an "opt-in" basis.

Beware of full datacentre automation, warns analyst

The pressure to provide speedy services and cut operational costs could drive an over-automation of datacentres, an analyst has warned. Roy Illsley,...

FireControl project could be axed before Christmas

The government's controversial FireControl project could be flagged for review today. The Fire Brigade's Union (FBU) said it was expecting an announcement from fire minister Bob Neil later today, in which it hopes the project designed to reduce the number of fire service control rooms from 46 to nine will be shelved.

Government shelves FiReControl

The government’s costly and overrunning FiReControl project has been axed. FiReControl has been cancelled because of serious delays with the EADS contract (now Cassidian) which began in 2004 and cost £225m.

Microsoft kills off Office Genuine Advantage

Microsoft has quietly killed off its Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) anti-piracy measure after it became clear it was hindering legitimate users whilst having no effect on software pirates.

EU raises possibility of Intel McAfee probe

European regulators may investigate Intel's McAfee acquisitionover anti-competition concerns, writes Kathleen Hall. The European Union has expressed concerns about Intel's plans to embed security features directly into its microprocessors following its $7.7bn acquisition of McAfee earlier this year,

The 30 top IT offshoring locations

India is still king and China is its main competitor as a destination for offshore IT services, but five destinations have made their first appearance in...

MPs launch inquiry into government IT policy

The way the government implements IT policy is to be scrutinised under a public administration select committee inquiry.

The inquiry will examine...

Sluggish growth in UK smartphone market

The UK smartphone market is lagging behind that of Germany and France, according to research from telecoms provider Ciena.

MoD ramps up cyber security

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is to ramp up its cyber-security in a consultation on equipment, support and technology for UK defence and security.


Adobe makes $1bn in fourth quarter

Adobe Systems has reported record revenue of $1.008bn for Q4 2010, compared with $757.3m reported for the same quarter of 2009 and up $17m on the third quarter...

A health care community cloud takes shape

A community cloud is taking shape among vertical-industry companies keen on sharing computing resources and gaining low-cost access to industry-specific applications.

Twitter can be used in law courts

Following Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's bail hearing last week, where a London magistrate permitted the use of Twitter, social media is now allowed in court.

SEC investigates possible Hurd insider dealing

The Securities and Exchanges Commission in the US is investigating whether former HP CEO Mark Hurd passed on information about the technology giant's acquisition...

Minister launches East End ‘tech hub’ event

David Willetts, minister for Universities and Science, hosted the first in a series of Shoreditch-based technology events last night.

The clinic, with...

Contactless mobile payments market set to explode in 2011

The mobile payments market will experience "explosive growth" next year, according to a report. Market research firm iSuppli has predicted worldwide shipments of mobile phones will reach 220.1 million units in 2014 compared with 52.6 million in 2010 for units with built-in near field communications (NFC) capability.

Vertex signs renegotiated terms with Cabinet Office

Business process outsourcer Vertex has agreed renegotiated contract terms with the Cabinet Office as part of the government's supplier contract cost-cutting...

MicroScope's top stories of 2010. Part 1

The technology industry will remember 2010 for many reasons, perhaps for the widespread adoption of tablets and smartphones or the explosive growth of cloud computing.

Net neutrality: FCC set to legalise traffic management

US communications industry regulator Federal Communications Commission is set to alter the economics of the web in a way that would bias certain types of network traffic, Reuters has reported.

BP signs $400m hosting deal with HP

BP has signed a $400m (£258m) five-year outsourcing services deal with HP Enterprise Services.

Resellers urged to piggyback on iPad growth

Fujitsu is urging resellers to piggyback on the success of Apple's iPad to peddle its T Series LIFEBOOK convertible notebooks.

Adobe reports first billion dollar quarter

Software vendor Adobe has exceeded Wall Street's expectations and reported its first ever billion dollar quarter, making sales of $1,008bn (£651.4m) during its fiscal Q4 -which closed on 3 December - up 33% on this time last year.

HP grabs five-year BP deal

HP has penned a $400m (£260m) five-year data centre outsourcing contract with BP. The oil giant kicked off the year by dramatically rationalising hardware and software suppliers with Computacenter and Compuware the major beneficiaries, and is ending 2011 by tendering another mega-deal.

Microsoft open developer labs for HTML5 standards

Microsoft has opened an online developer lab to allow developers to test emerging web standards and address problems of interoperability with HTML5.

Top 10 software boo boos of 2010

SQS Software Quality Systems, a provider of independent software testing and quality management services, has compiled a list of the worst software failures of 2010.

Government iPhone ban blamed on Apple secrecy

The British government ban on iPhones and iPads stems from Apple's refusal to allow its source code to be analysed by computer experts working for the intelligence services.

Complexity plagues communications-enabled business process technology

Communications-enabled business processes (CEBP) sound like a good idea, but adoption has limped along as its definition remains unclear and implementation is still complex.

The top 10 SAP stories of 2010

From the Oracle vs. SAP trial to the launch of HANA, 2010 was a year full of ups and downs for SAP. We've compiled a snapshot of 2010 in this list of the top 10 SAP stories of the year.

Combining network configuration and IP address management tools

A large convention center and hotel dumped unwieldy spreadsheets and whiteboards to adopt network configuration management and IP address management tools. With NCM and IPAM, the networking team was able to support the ever-evolving needs of convention clients.

Six questions for building an effective outsourcing strategy

Knowing what not to outsource is not always as obvious as it seems, according to sourcing experts. Here are six questions to help you build an effective outsourcing strategy.

IDFC puts DLP software on 2011 priority list

Data loss prevention (DLP) software identified by Infrastructure Development Finance Company Limited (IDFC) as critical to control information flow.

Xerox signs MoU

Printer maker Xerox has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the government. Xerox is one of the first tier 2 suppliers to sign an MoU...

Mozilla launches new Firefox 4 beta

Mozilla has launched a new Firefox 4 beta, with improved desktop-to-mobile synchronization and hardware acceleration powered by WebGL.

2010 review: the top 10 CIO interviews

In Computer Weekly's review of the best of the IT year in 2010, here we look back on the the top 10 IT leader interviews. During the past year, Computer...

2010 Review: Top 10 public sector IT stories

In Computer Weekly's review of the best of the IT year in 2010, we look back at the top 10 public sector IT stories. It has been a tumultuous year...

FTC clears £5bn Intel acquisition of McAfee

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the US has approved Intel's $7.7bn (£5bn) acquisition of security software giant, McAfee.

MicroScope's top stories of 2010. Part 2

As our official review of the year continues, today we take a look at the most visited stories on during the second half of 2010.

StuxNet: prepare for worse in 2011

Kaspersky Lab's analysis of the most serious virus threats of 201 has put Stuxnet as the most dangerous.

BT fire scorches retail sales

BT has restored services after customers were left without broadband access following a fire at its West End exchange in central London.

Windows Phone 7 OS sales reach 1.5 million

Microsoft has reported phone manufacturer sales of its Windows Phone 7 (WP7) mobile operating system (OS) have reached 1.5 million within six weeks of launch.

HP PSG guns for SMEs with distie programme

HP is looking to grow the ranks of SME dealers that sell its PCs but has admitted recruitment plans rest on the success of a demand generation programme.

Kelway finalises acquisition of ISC Computers

Kelway has finally confirmed the acquisition of ISC Computers in a deal it claims will push revenues over the £300m barrier and expand the workforce to 700.

Top Oracle stories in 2010

The most popular Oracle stories in 2010 on were around the Sun acquisition, server hardware such as Exadata, and others about RAC support and landing your dream DBA job.

2010 Review: The 10 most-read stories of the year

This year we've seen coal miners trapped for 68 days in Chile, Prince William and Kate Middleton announce their engagement and the World Cup. But what were...

SMEs use social media to promote business

Two-thirds of small businesses use social media to promote their websites, according to a survey from site for freelancers,

Amazon tops online shopper popularity league

A survey of more than 10,000 online Christmas shoppers has revealed that Amazon's US and UK websites rank the highest for customer satisfaction.

IBM takes NATO command and control to the cloud

NATO's Allied Command Transformation (ACT) is using IBM's cloud computing model to consolidate and integrate its technology capabilities for critical command and control programmes.

Skype supernode meltdown causes major outage

Skype engineers worked non-stop over several hours yesterday to fix the peer-to-peer IP telephony's site's worst outage.

Steve Jobs is FT’s 'Person of the Year'

Technology pioneers are being recognised for their contributions to society as technolgy becomes part of everyday work and home life.

Santander sends 22,000 statements to wrong addresses

Spanish banking giant Santander has sent over 22,000 UK bank statements to the wrong addresses as the result of an error at the bank's printers.

Gartner lists iSCSI technology optimization options

iSCSI technology has always been a debatable topic in terms of its adoption in India Inc . Here’s Gartner’s take on how you can boost iSCSI performance.

2010 Review: Top 10 PC and desktop stories

The PC has been at the heart of business for 30 years. In this time, it has replaced centralised computing, become a window onto the web, and a tool for collaboration.