TechTarget News - Week of Apr 17, 2011

STAREAST: Testing with FitNesse and Selenium -- Q&A with Dawn Cannan

Dawn Cannan, a presenter at the STAREAST conference, speaks with SSQ contributor Chris McMahon about her presentation titled, "Creating Executable Specifications and Tests with FitNesse and Selenium." Cannan gives some specific examples of the use of executable specifications in which code and documentation are both accomplished at the same time.

Mistake EDW

Enterprise Data World attendees talk about data governance issues and the need to align data management efforts with important business processes.

EMC Avamar data dedupe software gets a DD Boost

EMC makes its two backup dedupe products work better together, adding DD Boost support for Avamar 6.0 client-side dedupe backup; also tightens Avamar’s integration with VMware.

Compliance tops security agenda

Regulatory compliance will be the top business issue affecting enterprise IT in the next 12 to 18 months, according to security group ISACA.

UAE steps up efforts to monitor BlackBerry devices

The United Arab Emirates plans to limit organisations' access to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server system, which could enable authorities to step up efforts to monitor handsets.

Huawei lifts the veil to alleviate western fears

Secretive Chinese comms and networking kit specialist Huawei, which last week unveiled plans to recruit 500 new staff in the UK, has decided to adopt a "market-oriented" corporate governance structure and has also taken step of opening up its board to scrutiny by western authorities.

Review: Apple TV

When I tell people I have Apple TV the uninitiated get a gleam in their eye at the thought of a shiny white television bearing the fruity logo in simple silver in the corner of the room, writes Linda Endersby.

Fujitsu finally announces Centrica deal

Fujitsu has announced its part in Centrica's outsourcing reshuffle, which saw T-Systems replaced by HP in the datacentre and Fujitsu on the desktop.

Microsoft Office 365 available in beta

Microsoft's Office 365 cloud service is now online as a public beta, together with an online marketplace for apps and professional services.

ENISA issues final report on Cyber Europe 2010

The EU's cyber security agency, ENISA, has issued its final report on the first pan-European cyber security exercise for public bodies, 'Cyber Europe 2010'.

Corero sets out Top Layer channel ambitions

Ahead of this week's Infosec show, buy-and-build security outfit Corero, the new owner of IPS and DDOS solutions vendor Top Layer, has been setting out its ambitions in the channel after signing distie VADition for the UK market.

ComputerLinks signs up with Pillar Data Systems

Computerlinks has continued its march into the storage arena signing up Pillar Data Systems. The distributor, best known for its security expertise, has been widening its reach as it moves into the cloud and provides resellers with a greater range of services.

Perkins exiting C2000 to head up Sage small biz unit

Computer 2000 country manager Lee Perkins has resigned from the distributor and is preparing to cross the fence into vendor land to head up Sage's small business unit from July.

Pacey launches credit management consultancy

Credit guru Eddie Pacey has launched a channel consultancy to provide advisory services for resellers, distributors and vendors.

Can HIE technology be extended to the ACO model?

One health information exchange is raising a fascinating idea: since it's already collecting patient data, why not create its own accountable care organization?

Pancetera expands virtual machine backup capability

Pancetera Unite’s SmartMotion capability lets users push out data to any NAS target without the need for staging servers and virtual machine backup software.

Verizon DBIR: Cybercrime arrests factor in fewer lost data records

High-profile arrests of cybercriminals and improved information sharing among global law enforcement officials has cut into the number of sensitive data records lost in breaches.

Beware the Oracle license audit

Undergoing an Oracle license audit is no picnic. There are several ways they start, and reasons why Oracle is so aggressive with them.

Majority of companies to accept staff-owned smartphones

More than half of large organisations will allow staff to access corporate documents via mobiles or tablets in the next 12 months, according to research.

Promethean hit by decline in public spending

It had warned the market that things were going to be tough and sure enough the numbers in the interim trading statement from interactive whiteboard specialist Promethean World were down.

Syncsort embraces two tier model

Data management and protection software provider Syncsort, which launched its first EMEA partner programme earlier in 2011, is embracing the two tier channel model with the appointment of Avnet to distribute its NetApp Syncsort Integrated Backup lines.

Barracuda makes lemonade after partner data breach

Network security and data protection specialist Barracuda Networks has moved to put a recent data breach behind it and put the lessons it has learned into practice.

Scottish tech firms to hire more staff

The majority of Scottish technology companies plan to hire more staff this year, according to a survey.

Tesco increases spend on banking IT

Systems underpinning Tesco Bank were among the factors prompting an increase in Tesco's capital expenditure, the retailer said in its annual results

Samsung and Seagate sign $1.4bn storage deal

Samsung has signed a NAND flash memory supply agreement with solid state drive firm Seagate Technology, writes Richard Wilson. The flash agreement is part of a wider strategic relationship between the two companies. Samsung is combining its hard disk drive (HDD) operations into Seagate.

Tablet sales start to eat into laptop and desktop demand

Tablet sales are already being made at the expense of laptop and desktops and the rate of cannibalisation is expected to grow. Research from YouGov has shown that 8% of those that have recently bought a tablet have done so to use it as a replacement for a desktop or laptop.

Cloud computing added to many 2011 IT budgets

Roughly 70% of IT shops made room in their 2011 budgets for some cloud computing, even though IT pros remain anxious about the usual concerns.

Building a multichannel contact center

Although IVR remains an integral part of contact center technology, social media use is growing. Find out how to manage multiple channels for the best ROI.

Tips for supply chain analytics and manufacturing BI

Experts offer advice on matching business intelligence and supply chain analytics tools with the specialized needs of users, from operations to finance and the executive suite.

STAREAST: Software testing with fuzzing and fault modeling -- Interview with Shmuel Gershon

The real world isn't always like a test environment. How do we test for the unexpected problems such as system faults or malicious attacks? SSQ contributor Matt Heusser talks to Shmuel Gershon, presenter at STAREAST with a talk titled, "Fuzzing and Fault Modeling for Product Evaluation." Read on to find out more about fuzzing and fault modeling and when they should be used.

Oracle: We have a hardware problem

Happy talk aside, slumping Sun server sales spook software superpower, and Mark Hurd is taking a look.

A new Cisco network management strategy: Cisco Prime

Cisco Prime, the new Cisco network management strategy and brand, comes with lots of promises about interconnected management products alongside hardware and support services.

Pancetera expands virtual machine backup capability

Pancetera Unite’s SmartMotion capability lets users push out data to any NAS target without the need for staging servers and virtual machine backup software.

Can genomics encourage use of personal health records?

Will personalized medicine -- specifically, patient genome sequencing -- drive adoption of PHR services? Dr. John Halamka makes the case at Bio-IT World.

Shutting down a botnet, US Government disables Coreflood

Coreflood, a botnet almost ten years old, has been taken down by the FBI and US Department of Justice by obtaining permission to hijack the command and control servers and send a 'stop' command to infected PCs. Is this overstepping the privacy line?

Considering application white listing

Application white listing is one of the oldest forms of end point security; vendors are working on improving application control implementations by adding trust models and reducing the management overhead.

Business intelligence spending on the up

Sales of Business Intelligence software were worth $10.5bn in 2010 with SAP once again selling the most...

ICO has punished just 1% of data breaches

Since the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) was given greater powers last April, it has only punished 1% of all data breaches.

Of the 2,565 data...

Japan quake to impact Juniper Q2 earnings

Juniper Networks has forecast some potential disruptionQ2 following the recent devastating events in Japan.

Virgin Media Business lauds public sector wins

Virgin Media Business managing director Mark Heraghty is talking up the strength of the public sector's appetite for cost effective solutions after first quarter unit sales rose 13.7% to £159m.

BI market breaks through $10bn revenue mark

The business intelligence (BI) market continues to rebound strongly after the recession breaking through the $10bn revenue mark last year.

ICO failing to get tough over data breaches

The fines might have started coming and the fear of them is certainly on the corporate radar but the Information Commissioners Office is still not yet baring a full set of teeth when it comes to cracking down on those being careless with data.

Audi puts SAP in IBM private cloud

IBM has built a private cloud to host Audi's SAP infrastructure ....

Computacenter UK product sales floored by gov budget cuts

Government austerity measures took a toll on Computacenter's (CC) UK numbers as product sales fell by double digits in the calendar year to date but growth in services and continental businesses steadied group figures.

McAfee, Infineon wireless buys boost Intel's Q1

Boosted by revenues and profits from the McAfee and Infineon wireless division acquisitions, Intel recorded Q1 net profits of $3.2bn (£1.95bn)- up 29% on the $2.44bn of Q1 2010 - on revenues of $12.8bn - up 25% from the $10.3bn of Q1 2010, writes David Manners Operating income increased by 21%

UK IT staff increasingly seeking work abroad

The majority of UK IT professionals would consider migrating abroad to pursue higher quality work and salaries, a recruitment firm warns.

VMware users eye changes to Update Manager

No one’s heartbroken that VMware Update Manager won’t patch guest OSes after vSphere 4.1, but some users have suggestions for the product’s continued development.

IT pros make a case for virtual Apple Mac OS with VDI

Apple doesn’t condone using desktop virtualization to abstract its Mac OS X, but some IT pros say reasons for having that option have grown.

Visual IDE said to jump start Camel mediation routing

Known as Fuse IDE for Camel, new visual modeling software, like Apache Camel itself, is said to support integrations based on patterns devised by EAI guru Gregor Hohpe.

Rising UC security threats unheeded by vendors and enterprises

Enterprises cite security as a top reason to shun consumer tools such as Skype, yet few IT organizations are beefing up UC security on enterprise-class devices and endpoints.

Sales can’t thrive on CRM tools alone

Sales teams need dynamic processes as much as CRM tools to boost win rates. A recent survey from CSO Insights offers intriguing benchmarking data.

Intel reports profits boost

Intel has reported first quarter revenue of $12.9bn – an all-time record ...

ICO gains powers to back new EU data protection rules

New European rules on data protection and tracking cookies will be backed in the UK by new powers for the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

Government told to scrap school IT lessons

IT lessons should be dropped from the national curriculum, IT industry trade association Intellect has advised the government.

E-reader sales set to soar by 38%

Sales of e-readers are expected to increase almost 40% and compete with tablet devices, according to a research firm.

The latest figures released by...

Centrica outsources software testing

Utility giant Centrica is taking advantage of onshore and offshore software testing skills through an £8m deal with SQS.

Daisy Wholesale shows off new director line-up

Daisy Wholesale, the reseller-facing arm of expansive business comms firm Daisy Group, has named new sales, operations and finance directors.

Consumerisation of IT looms large on security agenda

The consumerisation of IT has been one of the main themes of the InfoSec show over the last three days in London. The rise in flexible working and the increasing move by employers to allow their staff to bring their own devices into work is having a major impact on security.

Three jailed for BT cable theft

Three men have been convicted in an East London court after stealing BT cable tagged with a newliquid marker from forensic technology outfit SmartWater. This is the first conviction that BT has secured using the technology, which is already widely used in other sectors, such as rail infrastructure.

IT shops need direction from Microsoft on reaching cloud

Microsoft has released its first public beta of Office 365, a key piece of its cloud computing strategy. But IT shops wonder how they transition their earth-bound applications.