TechTarget News - Week of Dec 18, 2011

Health app challenge events offer innovation, exposure

Crowdsourcing has hit health application development, and it has proven to be popular, with participants thinking outside the box and often receiving recognition for their efforts.

Police reject first draft of government ICT plan

Police chiefs have rejected draft Home Office plans for a private company to manage police ICT because it was unworkable under police force rules.

Virtualisation technologies: hits and misses of 2011

Amid a slew of virtualisation products and management suites that emerged in 2011, some products such as Spring platform impressed users, while others such as VMware MVP didn’t.

Bank IT departments face splits

The government is set to press ahead with plans to force banks to separate their investment and retail arms.

SaaS leads other cloud services in adoption, spurred by mobility

The most popular cloud service on the market is Software as a Service, and channel resellers say the success is driven by mobile users who need quick access to business applications anywhere.

Hotel chain embarks on online revolution

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels has embarked on a 12 month project to renew its online sales channel after outsourcing its e-business activity.

Top 10 wide area network (WAN) news stories of 2011

What happened in the world of wide area networks (WANs) this year? Look back at the top 10 WAN news stories of 2011.

News review of the year Q1

What will people say when they look back over 2011? It's been a tough year economically as the world continues to try to recover from the global crisis of 2008 triggered by the banks.

K3 makes it a trio of acquisitions with Retail Systems Group buy

K3 seems intent on getting caught up in the rush to buy Christmas presents splashing out for its own chunk of high street expertise in the form of Retail Systems Group, just a week after it picked up a chunk of Maxima.

Critical Windows 7 zero-day vulnerability could lead to iFrame attacks

Danish vulnerability clearinghouse Secunia is warning of a highly critical memory corruption zero-day vulnerability that could be targeted by attackers. Proof-of-concept code has been published.

Top 5 consumerization of IT news stories of 2011

It was a big year for consumerization as personal mobile devices and cloud services made serious inroads with businesses. Count down the stories that really got people talking.

Top 10 server virtualization news stories of 2011

New technologies, new products and new controversies made headlines in 2011. Find out which made our list of the top server virtualization news.

A new PMI Agile certification could be a hit with CIOs

A project management expert explains why CIOs should look for managers with a new Agile certification developed by the Project Management Institute.

Oracle sees sales stall at 2%

Oracle sales grew only 2% for its second quarter results, sparking fears that companies are cutting back on IT spending.

Group pushes for social media measurement standards

Consultant and author Katie Paine has formed a social media standards group to create definitions and best practices for defining customer relationships, influence and engagement.

News review of the year Q2

The second quarter saw the consequences of the Japanese quake continue to impact the industry and MicroScope get new owners. Elsewhere in the channel there were signs that the public sector cuts were starting to bite.

Zappos cloud security strategy: Distributed management

Zappos might be owned by cloud king Amazon, but the organization is still grappling with creating a measured cloud security strategy. The answer? Distributed management.

Top 10 cloud computing stories of 2011

Arguably, 2011 has been the year of the cloud. Almost every supplier has repositioned its products to make them cloud-ready. We review the year.

Top 10 outsourcing stories of 2011

The outsourcing sector has offered up some great stories this year. They provide lessons about best practices in outsourcing and highlight some of the challenges.

Four technologies that will shape 2012 solutions

Four technologies are expected to drive solution provider businesses in 2012. These include Android smartphones and the business-friendly ultrabook.

Network technology trends for 2012: Network security

Looking at network security technology trends for 2012, Gartner’s Greg Young predicts better security of virtualization and emerging data center fabrics.

Social, acquisitions, CEM topped CRM news in 2011

In 2011, CRM professionals were faced with acquisitive vendors, a social tidal wave, a push for mobile computing and the never-ending demands for better, faster customer management systems.

Network technology trends for 2012: The big picture

Forrester Research analyst Andre Kindness shares big picture predictions for network technology trends in 2012: the rise of Huawei and why networkers need software skills

Network technology trends for 2012: Network management

Looking at network management technology trends for 2012, EMA's Jim Frey predicts cross-domain management, SaaS-based management and cloud SLAs.

Virtual desktops in 2012: It's all about the apps

In 2012, VDI will be just one way to deliver desktops. IT pros will use various forms of desktop virtualization to deliver enterprise apps to mobile end users.

News review of the year Q3

A quarter including the cloud, the BSA cracking down on licensed software and some sobering thoughts about the state of the economy from some of the major players in distribution.

Year in review: 'Big data' gets big chunk of news in 2011

The term ‘big data’ took on bigger meaning in 2011 with new product releases from major vendors as well as new terminology to describe the big data analytics landscape.

News review of the year Q4

Cisco was slamming its rival HP as the fallout from its CEO changes continued, the Thailand floods caused havoc in the hard disk drive market and December started with some distribution veterans returning to the fold and getting promoted.

The year distribution grapsed the cloud challenge

When the downturn first really kicked in back in September 2008 we all looked to the economists and analysts to tell us when it would get better. They sketched out the future with 2011 as a year of small growth before things started to kick back in from 2012.

Business intelligence in the cloud: Is SaaS BI in your future?

The growth of cloud computing as an application platform means business intelligence teams should at least be prepared for the possibility of Software as a Service BI deployments, analysts say.